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Here’s How:


An energy-efficient home isn’t just a money saver; it’s also a healthier, more enjoyable place for your family.

1. Testing

We’ll visit your home and run our comprehensive diagnostics tests.

2. Solution

We present a step-by-step plan to help create your ideal, comfortable, and energy-efficient home.

3. Implementation

E3’s full range of services includes implementation of our solution by our highly trained and educated staff.

4. Analysis

The proof is in the pudding. After implementation, we’ll present you with the numbers that show your home’s improvement.



Our full range of services for commercial clients can be mixed and matched. We tailor to fit your needs.

1. Strategy and Design

From concept to completion, E3 has the ability to plan efficient, economical structures.

2. Consultation

If you’ve already designed and planned your project but need a little help along the way, we’re here for you. We can consult on and help manage projects of any size.

3. Certification

Whether we help you from the beginning, consult during construction, or just give the seal of approval at the end, we’re happy to certify any project.


Strength and Smarts. We're the Whole Package.
Your Home Could Be Too.


BRAIN (Strategy and Certification)

  • Design Reviews: We meet with builders, and architects and review the structure’s plans to ensure the design will result in the healthiest, most comfortable and energy-efficient structure possible.
  • Pre- and Post-Drywall Inspections: We visit during construction to oversee the installation of mechanical systems like the Nest thermostat or auto-sensor ventilation, stay through the insulation installation, and then examine everything once the drywall goes up.
  • Certification Guidance: We guide homeowners, builders, and architects during the design process to ensure the structure will be certified upon completion, from the insulation to the solar panels and everything in between.
  • Certifications: As a third party, we test structures after completion according to LEED, ENERGY STAR, and HERS requirements. We can also test according to proprietary energy guides on an ongoing basis to ensure structures always meet efficiency goals.

BRAWN (Expert Implementation)

  • Ventilation and HVAC Systems: We won’t let you install systems that are incorrectly sized for your structure, whether it’s the ventilation fan in the bathrooms or the HVAC system for the whole building. In existing structures, we’ll seal ducts and make sure the systems are as efficient as possible.
  • Mechanical System and Smart Technology Installation: We install the products that make your home the most comfortable and energy-efficient it can be. Lifestyle-adjusting thermostats, auto-sensor fresh air ventilation and lighting systems, water filtration, and Velux Sun Tunnel skylights are just a few of the incredible technologies we can bring you.
  • Renewable Energy: We’ll help you determine if your structure is a good candidate for solar and geothermal systems. If you’ll benefit, we will install the systems so you can harness natural, renewable energy.
  • Insulation Installation: When it comes to insulation, we don’t mean those rolls of itchy pink stuff. We have several options that are better for your family’s health and the environment, including spray foam and blown cellulose.