Whether you're planning an addition or looking to turn that unused attic space into a bonus room, E3 INNOVATE is  your ally for creating a sustainable and functional home. As Nashville's trusted home performance contractor, we specialize in renovating homes to be more energy efficient, environmetally friends, and healthier for you and your family. 

So, what can we do for your home today?


Home Renovation & Remodeling Services

Home is where your family is... and sometimes you just need a little extra space to spread out!

If you're looking to remodel or build out certain areas of you rhome to create a home office, a new bonus room, or maybe a home studio, bringing in a sustainably focused home performance contractor like E3 INNOVATE will maximize the potential of your project.

Our team can take care of every aspect of the project, from demolition, to wall insulation, to HVAC systems, to the finishing touches. We can even help you install the perfect wall sconces. 

Check out one of our recent projects in the Green Hills area of Nashville, which was far more than just an attic build-out. See how this house got a whole-home upgrade in our full-length story here.


Before and After


Detached Auxillary Dwelling Unit (DADU)

DADUs are a popular way to add extra usable space to any home. Since these spaces are detached free-standing buildings, they need good insulation and properly sized HVAC systems. E3 INNOVATE can help you plan for and install each component of the build out. 

Becuase of their small footprint, DADUs are usually a good match for mini-split heating and cooling systems. Be sure to install the best unit for the space.


Before and After DADU Build-Out


The Madison House

In 2021, E3 purchased a 1930's Tudor-style home in Madison, TN in desperate need of renovation help. The home had solid bones, but deffered maintenance and a lack of TLC over the years left the interior in dire condition.

E3 took the home down to the studs and reinvisioned the magic of what will one day be a storybook-ready home. The finished home will include:

- Fully built-out attic, converted into two bedrooms and one bath

- A tight, well-insulated, and weather-resistant shell

- High performance heating and cooling systems

- A mechanical ventilation system

- A sealed, dry crawlspace

- and much more!

The Madison House Renovation

Follow this project from beginning to end.


New Construction

Building your home from scratch is a daunting process. With a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless — and yet that seems to be the problem for most homeowners looking to build a more sustainable home. With E3 INNOVATE as your project advocate from the beginning, we can help guide the process and make sure your dream home becomes a reality.  

A new home construction project provides a unique opportunity for you and your family to set your home up for success. A home designed for high performance can provide many benefits for as long as you live there, such as:

From your new construction consultation to move-in day, the E3 INNOVATE crew is with you every step of the way. For more information, visit our New Construction Planning page.


Project Planning

What ever size project you're working on, E3 INNVOATE can help you create more sustainable and durrable home. Maybe you already have your contractor picked out for your new home construction or remodel project in Nashville, but you need a team of home performance professionals to help you plan for your specific goals. Or, maybe you're looking for he right GC who can help you finish out space above your garage. See if E3 is the right team for you! 


Looking for some help with your next project? Schedule your new construction or remodeling consultation with E3 INNOVATE today. Call us at 615-876-5479 or contact us here.

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