The E3 Whole Home Process

We take an integrated approach to home improvement, addressing all aspects of home performance that lead to a safer, more comfortable, and efficient home for you and your family.

At E3 INNOVATE, we'll get to the root cause of your home's performance or HVAC problems, and resolve them once and for all.

The E3 INNOVATE Difference

E3 INNOVATE isn’t your typical, home performance contractor. Our team is not motivated by simply getting the job done — we want to get the job done right. Our passion for building science has led us to find whole-home solutions for the comfort and home health issues that plague Nashville homes all year round.  

When you partner with the team at E3 INNOVATE, we will work with you to nail down your home performance goals, and then locate the issues that are preventing you from living comfortably in your own house. No band-aid fixes, no sales quotas — the E3 INNOVATE difference is that we get the job done right, the first time!

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E3 Team

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

  • You guys spray foamed our attic space recently. During this heatwave I heard a strange noise upstairs. I went upstairs, and it was coming from between the rafters where you spray foamed. It was the sound of laughter—the spray foam was literally laughing at the heat! The other thing I noticed up there is that it is uncomfortably cool. By contrast, our friends who have an attic space turned into living space with fiberglass batt insulation, it is so hot up there now that their son is sleeping downstairs on the sofa. We went over there last night for a sauna party.

    Matt – Inglewood

  • E3 was honest and very knowledgeable. They annihilated our radon gas problem. We went from extremely high readings almost down to zero.

    Bob M. –

  • I do a lot of education and outreach within the local real estate industry and have used E3 extensively tao do training and Q&A. As I continue to make improvements on my home in terms of efficiency and the like, there isn't another company I would consider. They volunteer with and sponsor numerous local non-profits and are the kind of socially conscious entrepreneurs I model myself after.

    Anna – Nashville

  • E3 INNOVATE arrived early that morning as scheduled and completed the work the same day, working until some time after 5:00 p.m. I really appreciated that as my life was only interrupted for that one day. They were also diligent in cleaning up the mess that resulted from dealing with insulation and moving furniture and other items around. I would feel very comfortable in recommending them to any of my friends needing their services.

    Margaret P. – Lebanon

  • It's going great. The back room of the house doesn't do so well since the walls are outside, but overall huge—wait let's go all caps—HUGE improvement. If any of your clients want to see our house, I am at home during the day and more than happy to show them if they want to see your work in action.

    Rick K. – East Nashville

  • I have noticed a very big difference in the comfort upstairs. Before, I could never get the temperature below about 76-78 when the temperature was above 90 outside, even with the unit running constantly. Now I can get it down to 69 if I want to. I would be more than happy to recommend the foam insulation to anyone. The foam insulation upstairs has made a world of difference.

    Libby M. – East Nashville

  • What you did has helped our cooling situation substantially, and that was the goal. You and your guys did a great job and completed the project quickly.

    David – Nashville

  • We are very pleased with the results of the work E3 completed in terms of usage, comfort, and pest control. Before the work was completed, we had a continuous problem with house centipedes. Thankfully, we no longer see those unwelcome visitors!

    Sandy D. – Nashville

  • This season thru the middle of January, I have consumed approximately 350 gallons. I doubt I will use over 700 gallons this season. At the current price of $2.30 per gallon we should save around $450.00 in fuel. Not only are we using less energy, but we are also living and breathing in a lot cleaner and healthier environment. I highly recommend your company for the services you rendered at our home. Thanks for the great job!

    Shirley H. – LaVergne

  • Just want to give a huge shout out and thanks to everyone at E3 INNOVATE. Can't say enough about your professionalism and attention to detail. Jess and I now have a much healthier and more efficient home with a properly air-sealed and insulated attic. Next mission....Crawl space!

    Sam and Jess M. – East Nashville

  • Thanks for taking care of the basement. You guys are true professionals from the beginning of the job to the end. I was highly impressed throughout the entire process. We really do appreciate it.

    Matthew N. – East Nashville

  • Of the four companies that gave us an estimate to insulate the attic and crawl space, E3 INNOVATE was by far the most professional, informative, and thorough, and they maintained that high standard in every aspect of the job—the planning, the scheduling, the execution, the clean-up, and the follow-up.

    Mark and Sally W. – Nashville

  • I have new energy-savings information and it is GREAT! July is my settle-up month on the budget billing plan with Amerigas for propane. Last year I was paying $154.00 per month. This year I will be paying $74.00 per month for a savings of $80.00 per month. This cut my heating bill by more than half. I am very happy with this! Spray foam insulation definitely works! Thanks to you and all the great crew at E3 INNOVATE.

    Vernon – Nashville

  • As for the difference after insulating, you'd have to feel it to believe it. We were amazed at how well our home stayed warm during the recent vicious cold spell, without drafts. That wouldn't have been possible without the foam insulation. Overall, we couldn't be more pleased.

    Mark and Sally W. – Nashville

  • You can't imagine how wonderful it is to have a toasty warm condo for the first time in the 22 years I've lived here! If I believed in 'predestination,' with this incredibly cold weather we're having, I would declare that E3 was predestined to insulate my condo with perfect timing!

    Dottie L. – Nashville

  • E3 has saved us about a $100 a month for the last 2 months, over last year's bills. THANK YOU!

    Quinn – Inglewood

  • Our gas bill was definitely lower this month, by something like 30%, I believe. We do not believe the heat is coming on as often these days, which would seem to be born out of the bill itself.

    John G. – Nashville

  • Within a week of this date, I received a written statement of all their findings, including suggestions and recommendations for correcting certain elements. These recommendations gave a cost for each as well as the projected savings in each area. After I read it and discussed the report, I made a decision as to which of the improvements I could afford to make at this time, and we set a date for the work to be done. I was not pressured in any way.

    Margaret P. – Lebanon

  • We saw a reduction in gas usage by about 1/3 the first winter after work was completed. This resulted in our gas bills being almost cut in half that first winter. That was a HUGE plus! Our electric usage was reduced as well, possibly closer to a 15-20% reduction. Very positive results for us.

    Sandy D. – Nashville