Our Step-by-Step Approach

New Construction & Renovation

Strategy and Design

From concept to completion, E3 has the ability to plan efficient, economical structures.


If you’ve already designed and planned your project but need a little help along the way, we’re here for you. We can consult on and help manage projects of any size.


Whether we help you from the beginning, consult during construction, or just give the seal of approval at the end, we’re happy to certify any project.

Existing Homes


We’ll visit your home and run our comprehensive diagnostics tests.


We present a step-by-step plan to help create your ideal, 
comfortable, and energy-efficient home.


E3’s full range of services includes implementation of our 
solution by our highly trained and educated staff.


After implementation, we’ll present you with the numbers
 that show your structure’s improvement.

Ready to start your project?

This season thru the middle of January, I have consumed approximately 350 gallons. I doubt I will use over 700 gallons this season. At the current price of $2.30 per gallon we should save around $450.00 in fuel. Not only are we using less energy, but we are also living and breathing in a lot cleaner and healthier environment. I highly recommend your company for the services you rendered at our home. Thanks for the great job!

Shirley H. – LaVergne

Common Issues We Solve

  • We offer expertise in various forms of sound and thermal insulation that can block noise.
  • We take the 'whole house' approach and can help solve temperature issues throughout your home.
  • Our crawlspace systems and automated bath fans help eliminate the moisture that breeds mildew and mold.
  • E3's signature sealed and conditioned crawlspace system will eliminate these problems.
  • We can reduce humidity and moisture as well as seal out seasonal allergens, dirt, and dust. Protect your family by promoting a healthy environment
  • Solutions such as air sealing and better insulation can help you reduce your cost.
  • By eliminating the gaps and moisture we effectively prevent bugs and critters from entering your home.
  • Our thermal imaging cameras can help pinpoint and eliminate drafts in your home.
Learn how we can fix your common issues