Performance that lasts.

A house is made up of many different systems that work together to deliver functionality, comfort, and security. To preserve these elements, it’s important to keep an eye on things from time to time. Not many homeowners think to check on the crawlspace, to see what’s going on under the floors and to make sure there aren’t any unfortunate surprises. Nor does anyone think to clean the debris off of the outdoor air conditioning unit when the AC can’t keep up with Nashville’s summer heat.

A house can be designed to operate as a high performance home, but if the systems that make up the home aren’t maintained, performance will slowly degrade over time. This not only leads to an uncomfortable and unhealthy home, but it also means expensive repairs and headaches that could have been prevented if the issues were caught early. 

Extend the life of your home.

A house is a lot to maintain. That’s why E3 offers extended maintenance plans that help ensure your home continues to perform year after year. In the same way your mechanic provides routine maintenance on your vehicle, E3 will check all the systems in your home on a regular basis to keep it running smoothly. From annual equipment servicing to routine crawlspace and attic inspections and cleaning, we take care of it so you have more time for other important things.

Create a custom maintenance plan to fit your needs.

Every house is unique, and so too should be its maintenance plan. E3 offers customizable options to help meet the needs of your home. In addition, each home receives a safety check on the mechanical systems and an indoor air quality check. We apply our whole-home approach to your maintenance package to provide you with the highest quality service and the most peace of mind. 

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