Neglected, but important.

Your home's crawlspace is probably the part of your home you neglect the most, when it is, in fact, one of the areas that needs the most attention. Your crawlspace is often the source of common issues, like comfort and moisture imbalances as well as indoor air quality and home health concerns. E3 INNOVATE offers a time-tested sealed crawlspace system, which turns that neglected area into a safe, healthy, and clean foundation for your home.

Applying building science principals where they’re needed most.

E3 INNOVATE's sealed crawlspace systems are a product of over 10 years of experience. Backed by building science principals and real-world observations, our strategy includes durable white laminate with a termite viewing strip, insulated and air-sealed perimeter walls, active radon mitigation, and designated dehumidification equipment. 

Our crawlspace system is unique because we also address air leakage points in the subfloor that create communication pathways between the house and the crawlspace. By sealing these air gaps, homeowners experience less humidity and musty odors, and notice an overall improvement in indoor air quality. 

In addition to the benefits you can see and feel inside the home, an E3 Sealed Crawlspace reduces the risk for mold and structural damages from rot, keeps pests and insects out, and reduces radon levels. A sealed crawlspace system is the first step toward improving the durability and health of your home. 

Make your home more resilient and maintain the value of your investment; start with a Healthy Home Assessment! E3 will evaluate your current crawlspace and create a customized action plan that will safeguard your foundation and your entire home.


E3 Sealed Crawlspace System: Before and After

Before and After Crawlspaces in a Nashville TN Home


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I’ve always heard that my crawlspace needs to “breathe.” Will a sealed crawlspace allow for that?

Ah, yes, the old “breathing” myth. In other dryer climates, this building method has merit. However, it does not actually make sense in the South. Because our climate is conducive to mold and mildew, and because HVAC ducts often run beneath the house, it is imperative to seal and condition crawlspaces. This helps to eliminate mold and mildew, prevents buckling of hardwood floors, and keeps your home healthier and more comfortable.

Besides pipe leaks, water can enter a crawlspace in three ways: through the soil, by migrating through the foundation walls, and through crawlspace vents. Rather than allowing that moisture to make its way into the space, where it will penetrate building materials, condense on cold surfaces, and inevitably lead to mold growth, it’s best to stop it from entering in the first place. 

Why can’t I use my unconditioned crawlspace for storage?

As long as you don’t mind rust, mildew, mold, rot, and rats, then go for it! Unfortunately, moisture and pests are such big problems in unfinished crawlspaces that most stored items quickly get ruined. However, with a sealed crawlspace, storage becomes an option. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month on climate-controlled storage units, turn your crawlspace into one!

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