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Your home's crawlspace is probably the part of your home you neglect the most, when it is in fact one of the areas that needs the most attention. Your crawlspace often is the source of common issues of comfort, health and efficiency. E3 INNOVATE offers sealed and installed vapor barriers and radon mitigation systems that turn crawlspaces into safe, healthy, and clean components of your full-house system.


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E3 INNOVATE's sealed crawlspace systems make your crawlspace clean and safe for storage. Our systems also reduce if not eliminate common problems such as mold or moisture damage, musty odors, buckled hardwood floors, high humidity, insects and other pests, rotten wood framing, and overloaded HVAC systems. Our crawlspace systems will make your home more resilient and protect the value of your investment.

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Why can’t I use my unconditioned crawlspace for storage?

As long as you don’t mind rust, mildew, mold, rot, and rats, then feel free! Unfortunately, moisture and pests are such big problems in unfinished crawlspaces that most stored items get quickly ruined. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month on climate-controlled storage units, turn your crawlspace into one!

I’ve always heard that my crawlspace needs to “breathe.” Will a sealed crawlspace allow for that?

Ah, yes, the old “breathing” myth. Although in other dryer climates, this building method has merit, it does not actually make sense in the South. Because our climate is conducive to mold and mildew, and because HVAC ducts often run beneath houses, it is imperative to seal and condition crawlspaces. This helps to eliminate mold and mildew, prevents buckling of the floors, and helps the HVAC run more efficiently.

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