Taming the Wild Temperatures of Your Home

When walking from one room of your house to another, you realize that the temperature changes. Your bedroom is a comfortable temperature, but the bonus room above the garage is too hot to spend any time in. In fact, it’s so bad that for many parts of the year you don’t use the room at all because it’s too uncomfortable. Additionally, in your dining room, the air temperature is consistent with the thermostat’s setting but the floors are freezing! 

Common Comfort Issues For Nashville Homes

These symptoms are indicative of various issues. Bonus rooms—rooms built above a garage—are especially prone to extreme temperature swings due to lack of insulation in the floors, walls, and even the ceiling. Ductwork is often improperly installed or leaky. HVAC units are commonly sized wrong or installed incorrectly.  Crawlspaces often lack proper insulation. Unfortunately, these issues are common in new and old homes alike. While homeowners try remedies such as closing certain vents or using window units, these treatments seldom work and act more as a Band-Aid than a true solution.

Fix the Issue, Not the Symptom

At E3 INNOVATE, we take the “whole house” approach to fixing common problems such as these. Through a series of state-of-the-art tests, including thermal imaging and pressure tests, we can identify the root of the issue and recommend a permanent solution. We can diagnose the cause for your home comfort issues by looking for the following:

Our building scientists are highly educated and have years of experience in diagnosing home energy and comfort issues. From properly designing and installing knee wall, ceiling and floor insulation to providing the latest in high efficiency, ultra-high-comfort mechanical systems, E3 will find the right solution for your home. You will be back to using your bonus room—or walking in the dining room without cold feet—in no time.  

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