Remove moisture from your indoor air.

High humidity in your home can cause a lot more problems than poor air quality, discomfort, and high utility bills. Yes, excess moisture in the air can make your home feel sticky and hot, even when you adjust your thermostat to what should be a comfortable temperature. That added strain on your HVAC unit drives electric bills through the roof. The real problems don’t end there, though.

Humidity levels consistently below 30% may lead to excessive drying of building materials such as hardwood floors, dry skin, asthma, nose bleeds, static electricity, and discomfort.

Humidity levels consistently over 60% may lead to a different set of problems; risk of mold growth, buckling of hardwood floors, feeling sticky and other discomfort, long term risks of rotting and decaying building materials when moisture problems go unaddressed, and typically an increase in energy consumption. 

A more comfortable and energy efficient home.

In Middle Tennessee, relative humidity is quite high, averaging around 70%. As you might imagine, homes without some form of humidity control experience dangerous conditions, with black mold, roaches, and other problems causing severe health problems.

Part of the solution is ensuring your home is properly sealed, with crawl space encapsulation, duct sealing, and adequate insulation. In addition to these upgrades, adding a whole house dehumidifier can reduce this humidity to a more comfortable level in your home and reduce the need for air conditioning, saving money and using less energy. You’ll even see a reduced need for pest control and mold remediation.

E3 INNOVATE will recommend an appropriate dehumidification system for your needs. Our ENERGY STAR rated Whole House Dehumidifiers made in the USA will manage humidity in your home while improving ventilation, bringing fresh air into the home and filtering out pollutants and allergens to create a healthier living environment.

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