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Our future is bright green.

At E3 INNOVATE, we are inspired to live a sustainable lifestyle. We embrace the shift towards zero energy homes, electrified transportation, renewable energy generation, localized growing and distribution of fresh food, and supporting the local economy. E3 focuses on the performance of the home because we believe that creating healthier, safer, and more efficient places to live will provide greater economic security and wellbeing for the people of Nashville, Tennessee, which in turn supports the sustainability of our community. 

Living a smaller footprint and leaving a larger handprint.

The concept of a footprint reflects one person’s impact on the planet. It encompasses things like our home, our food selection, how much trash we generate, how much energy we use for daily tasks, and the forms of transportation we choose. A handprint reflects the work we do during our time on Earth and how our efforts shape the world we live in.

E3’s mission is to help homeowners reduce their footprint while leaving a legacy of sustainability. We believe that the home is the foundation from which families make other decisions, which will impact their footprint. 

By creating a more sustainable, healthy home, E3 hopes our handprint will not only lead to energy reduction but also influence the daily decisions of our clients that can have a positive effect on the environment. We hope that by creating an efficient home, our clients will be inspired to drive electric vehicles, eat local organic foods and compost food waste, install solar panels, use less water, and search for other innovative ways to reduce the negative impact humans have on our environment.

Building for resiliency

With more extreme temperatures, rainfall, and other weather events happening in our region, E3 is committed to creating durable, resilient homes that can weather the storm. 

Unfortunately, today’s standard new homes are not built for longevity. E3 helps homeowners, architects, and builders implement energy efficiency and durability strategies that are built for the future into new home designs and existing home renovations. In addition to services like sealed crawlspace systems and strategic spray foam insulation, E3 can also offer design and installation services for other energy-saving strategies including geothermal heating and cooling systems, smart controls, and electric car charging stations. We can even help you estimate the size requirement of a solar PV system. 

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