Energy is Expensive, and it’s Only Getting Worse.

During the hot summer and cold winter months, you notice that your utility bills are higher than expected. Checking with your colleague from work who has a similar home, you discover that your house uses much more energy than his. Moreover, he keeps his house at a more comfortable temperature setting than you do.  So how could this be? Why is your house using so much more energy than his, even though you try to be conservative with your thermostat settings?

High utility bills are indicative of an inefficient home. Causes range from simple air leaks to more complex issues such as poor HVAC design or improper insulation. Unfortunately, in many homes (both new and old), these issues are common. With energy costs expected to rise dramatically in the next decade, many homeowners are wondering what they can do to protect themselves. Luckily, there is a solution.

We Can Lower Your Bills.

At E3 INNOVATE, we specialize in finding and eliminating the root cause(s) of excess home energy usage. With the most experienced team of building scientists in Middle Tennessee, we use state-of-the-art tools and years of experience to determine the best ways to improve a home’s energy usage. Our solutions often range from simple air sealing and better insulation to high-tech automated mechanical systems.  

Don’t Just Save Money. Make Money.

Because of the energy-saving nature of the upgrades that we recommend, we often see a high return on investment, a return that only grows as energy costs continue to rise. For example, a homeowner may spend $6,000 on home upgrades that save her $15,000 over ten years. Furthermore, the value of her house has increased, due to expanding demand for energy efficient, comfortable homes. From the time that she first upgrades her home, she is effectively being paid to live in a more comfortable house.

Ready to lower your utility bills?

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Learn what could be causing the high energy bills in your Nashville home, like poor attic and crawl space insulation, problematic air leaks, and more. E3 INNOVATE offers energy audits, aling with whole-home solutions that will reduce your high energy bills and keep your home comfortable all year round.