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A more efficient water heater will reduce energy usage and pay for itself.

Water heating accounts for 20 percent of total home energy consumption, trailing only space heating for the largest portion of home energy usage. Accordingly, homeowners can achieve substantial savings on energy bills by installing more efficient water heaters. While electric water heaters offer a more efficient alternative to traditional gas-powered tanks, the industry is quickly moving towards even more efficient and cost-effective heaters that incorporate heat pump technology. E3 INNOVATE has been an early adopter and proponent of these highly efficient heaters, and our team of experienced professionals can address your needs and help lower your utility bills.

Heat pump water heaters: Hybrid and Tankless. 

Put simply, a heat pump water heater draws heat from surrounding air to warm the water. The technology is now being implemented on a wide scale, with large manufacturers like Rheem, G.E., and A.O. Smith all producing heat pump water heaters. Homeowners have the choice between hybrid and tankless heat pump systems. Hybrid systems combine electric heating with heat pump technology, utilizing a water tank similar to traditional water heaters. Tankless systems, on the other hand, heat water only when necessary, i.e. when a hot water tap is turned on. Both hybrid and tankless heat pump water heaters are excellent options for homeowners looking to reduce energy consumption and save money on utility bills.

E3 INNOVATE has extensive experience installing each type of heat pump system. The Rheem Professional Prestige Series: Hybrid Heat Pump offers quick delivery of hot water, allows mobile control through WiFi-connected EcoNet technology, and reduces operating cost $340 annually compared to a standard 50-gallon electric model—additionally, the heater currently qualifies for a $300 Federal Tax Credit.

For those looking for the highest performance, E3 offers installation of the Navien Premium Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater, the best tankless water heating system in the world. This system is ultra-efficient, producing outstanding reductions in energy consumption, and it utilizes smart technology to provide consistent pressure and intelligent pre-heating of water based on hot water usage patterns. Like the Rheem system, Navien’s tankless heater can be WiFi enabled for remote control by mobile devices.

Let E3 INNOVATE address your water heating needs and save you money on future heating expenses.

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