The Air We Breathe. Not So Good.

What began as your child coughing, wheezing and experiencing discomfort while playing progressed to tightening of neck and chest muscles and occasional bouts of panic and anxiety due to the inability to breathe. A trip to the family doctor ultimately leads to a diagnosis of asthma, which will have life-long consequences for your child. Unfortunately, asthma and severe allergies are having a greater impact on today’s young than with any generation before. With Americans spending 90% of their time indoors, an environment that is increasingly polluted with chemicals, dust mites, mold, moisture and other asthma-causing pollutants, it’s no wonder that kids today are suffering more than ever.

But What if We Could Clean it?

Although a majority of homes (up to 70% by some estimates) wouldn’t pass the OSHA standard for indoor air quality, there are plenty of available options to rid your home of harmful air pollutants. Our encapsulated crawlspace systems, for example, significantly lower the humidity levels of a home, prevent mold from growing, and completely seal off the dirt and dust from the ground under the house. In one fell swoop, our crawlspace systems eliminate these asthma triggers and allergens, with the happy side-effect of lowering your energy usage and creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

In addition to our E3 Signature Crawlspace Systems, we offer other radon-reducing products and services such as air-barrier sealing, duct sealing, HVAC equipment sealing, automated exhaust fans, dedicated radon mitigation systems, and filtered fresh-air-systems". In fact, since 2008, E3 INNOVATE has been helping homeowners live healthier, more comfortable lives by implementing the same building science that made us famous for building energy-efficient homes.

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