A home that isn’t performing at its absolute best will reveal itself in uncomfortable, annoying, and even dangerous ways. What are your biggest complaints about your home? The symptoms of your home performance issues can affect the cleanliness of your home, how much you pay in energy costs, and even the health of you and your family. 

Does This Sound Like You?

I think my house is making me sick.

I get headaches and feel dizzy but it all goes away when I leave the house.

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The house smells damp and musty

but I can't figure out where it's coming from or what's causing it

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My hardwood floors are warping

I have a lot of moisture in my crawlspace from the recent rain and it’s messing up my floors!

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When It Comes to Your Home, You’re the Expert

As E3 INNOVATE works with you to solve your home performance issues, we understand that no one spends more time in your home than you do. You are the best resource we have to understand the symptoms you deal with every day, and our goal is to solve your concerning  issues once and for all! The following symptoms provide us with the clues we need to uncover the best solutions for your home.

Which Symptoms Are You Seeing in Your Home?

1. Excess Dust & Dirt

  • Does your home have a dirty, dingy feel even after a deep clean?
  • Increased allergy symptoms, sinus issues, or headaches
  • Frequent dusting and dust buildup on AC vents

2. Condensation & Mold Growth

  • Condensation on the inside of windows in the winter
  • Visible mold growth in bathrooms, attics, or crawlspaces, on window sills, and on AC vents
  • Mold stains on bathroom ceilings and above leaky windows and doors
  • Increased respiratory issues in your home

3. Unpleasant Odors

  • House smells when you first enter, or certain rooms are notoriously stinky
  • Unpleasant odor after turning heating or cooling system on
  • Indoor air feels stale 
  • Stubborn musty or moldy smells

4. Humidity Issues

  • Air feels damp or clammy, even when the air conditioning is running
  • Warps, cracks, or cupping in hardwood flooring
  • Foggy windows

5. Temperature Discomfort

  • Home is always too hot or too cold
  • Inconsistent temperatures from room to room
  • House feels drafty, especially during the winter
  • Furnace or AC is constantly running
  • Cold floors in the winter
Whole Home Solutions Symptoms

Nashville Solutions for Nashville Homes

In order to determine what is at the heart of your home performance issues, the team at E3 INNOVATE combines our extensive building science knowledge with the most accurate home diagnostic technology available. But more than that, we lean on our knowledge of the local Nashville climate and our commitment to the best in customer service to provide you with the customized home performance solutions your home requires. 


Imagine what it would be like to trust the temperature on your thermostat, to breathe healthier air, and to rid your home of that musty smell—all while spending less on your energy bill each month. With E3 INNOVATE, we will work tirelessly to solve your home performance issues, and get you back on track! 


Tired of the band-aid fixes when it comes to your home performance? Schedule an energy audit with Nashville’s trusted whole home experts!

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