Unwanted House Guests.

From ants and spiders and cockroaches to mice, skunks and possums, Tennessee is not lacking for varieties of pests. Homes both old and new suffer from these unwanted guests, leaving homeowners quick to try remedies such as traps, poison, and pest control services. While these approaches do help to kill the pests that enter homes, they don’t do much to stop them from coming into the home in the first place.

They Like Your Home as Much as You Do.

Pests enter houses for a variety of reasons and through a multitude of means. During the cold winter months, rodents flee the harsh outdoor conditions by entering your warm, welcoming home. Insects and other critters also enjoy the stable atmosphere of a home, so they too, make themselves at home. Entering the home through tiny gaps and crevices in the home’s thermal envelope (the barrier between the conditioned space of the home and the outside world, such as an exterior wall or the ceiling beneath a vented attic), the pests take advantage of the conditioned space that homeowners inadvertently provide them with. Wet and rotting wooden structural components serve as a favored spot for bugs, providing them with a haven for eating and reproducing.

It’s Time To Set Some Boundaries.

Although pest control services can lower the amount of pests already in a home using means such as traps and harmful chemicals, E3 believes that preventing the problem before it occurs is a safer, more effective method. By eliminating the gaps in the thermal envelope and the moisture that causes wooden structural components to rot, we effectively prevent bugs and critters from entering your home in the first place. Our air sealing, duct sealing, and signature conditioned crawlspace systems are popular and effective treatments for pest elimination. In addition, ourspray foam insulation serves well to fully encapsulate a thermal envelope, providing excellent thermal insulation, sound attenuation, and pest control.

Contact E3 today to kick pests out for good.