An independent, exhaustive approach to green building.

For those looking for a comprehensive green building system that can apply to any kind of project, look no further than the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certification. The NGBS Green Certification offers levels of rigor and flexibility that no other system of codes possesses. Like LEED certification, there are four different levels of certification (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Emerald), but unlike LEED, a project needs to meet baselines in six different categories to achieve the next level of certification. In order to make sure your project is as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible, Home Innovation Research Labs, an independent, third-party research and testing organization, reviews your building plan to offer their expertise and advice.



To provide adaptability, NGBS Green Certification awards extra points within categories that the builder or designer feels are necessary for the project. This offers the opportunity for a more resilient home that is designed for the climate and extreme weather events in Middle Tennessee. These local strategies are encouraged by the NGBS and help to lower costs, increase local market value, and encourage homeowners or builders to implement as many green building practices as possible.

Renovating with a purpose.

The NGBS Green Certification applies to much more than just new construction projects, offering the NGBS Remodeling Certification for existing homes. For most consumers, in fact, the NGBS system is more applicable for remodeling efforts of any size or type. Many homeowners do not begin a home renovation or remodeling project with the direct objective of making their house more environmentally-friendly, but the addition of energy efficient technology or green design principles can improve comfort, reduce operations costs, and most importantly, add value to your biggest investment: your home. Along with providing the same kind of design flexibility as their new construction certification, the NGBS Remodeling Certification represents your efforts to improve your home in as many ways as possible.

E3 is with you every step of the way.

Here at E3 INNOVATE, we have every resource you need to make your NGBS Green or Remodeling Certification a reality. We employ multiple accredited NGBS Green Verifiers, meaning that we can rate and score your building or renovation in accordance with the National Green Building Standards. We can submit your application for you, and after your application is approved, we can preform the two necessary inspections: the pre-drywall rough inspection and the final inspection when the project is complete. Furthermore, we offer the services, like spray foam insulation, duct sealing, or HVAC equipment, to complete most types of prospective projects for NGBS certification. If you think your project is a perfect fit for NGBS certification or if you have more questions about implementing the principles that are required for certification, then give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process from beginning to end.

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