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Looking to renovate your home? E3 INNOVATE has extensive experience performing home renovation projects—our professionals will help plan and carry out your renovation project, increasing the comfort, quality, and value of your property. Whether you want to finish out your unconditioned attic space, complete a bathroom remodeling project, or build a home extension, we will use our expertise in energy efficient building to make your project a success.

A wide range of services to fit your needs.

Home renovation is a big decision, but it can be a seamless process with the right guidance and tools at your disposal. E3 offers a complete package of services to make your project a high quality and worthwhile investment. Incorporating our spray foam insulation and air sealing into your renovation, for example, will not only improve the comfort of your renovated space, but also save you money on heating and cooling for years to come. We will handle your HVAC needs, ensure your renovated space is properly ventilated, and see your project through from start to finish.

Value you can feel.

Clients frequently ask us how they can justify spending extra money on spray foam insulation or a sealed crawlspace during a home renovation, especially when these elements are not visible on a daily basis. The answer is simple: renovating concealed spaces like crawlspaces can lead to tangible improvements in your living environment. Although it may not have the pizzazz of kitchen remodeling, the decision to seal a crawlspace, for example, can add new conditioned space to your home that you forgot even existed. Furthermore, the health improvements from air sealing and improving the building envelope are immediate and noticeable because they restrict dust and dirt from entering your newly renovated space. E3’s comprehensive renovation process will improve your home performance across the board.

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