A Storybook Home Make-Over

In 2021, E3 purchased a 1930's Tudor-style home in Madison, TN in desperate need of renovation help. The home had solid bones, but deffered maintenance and a lack of TLC over the years left the interior in dire condition.

It is very common to see rough older homes like this knocked down, only to be replaced with two or three new "tall-and-skinies." However, there is useful embedded energy in existing structures, and not to mention, irreplaceable charm. 

E3 took the house down to the studs and reinvisioned the magic of what will one day be a storybook-ready home. The finished home will include:

  • A fully built-out attic, converted into two bedrooms and one bath

  • A tight, well-insulated and weather-resistant shell

  • High performance heating and cooling systems

  • A fresh air system and whole-house filtration

  • A sealed, dry crawlspace

  • and much more!


Once complete, it will feel like living in a modern home with quiet state of the art mechanical systems. The air will feel fresh, and daylight will will the space. We can't wait to share it with our community! 

We will keep updating this page as we make progress over the course of the next year. You can also follow this project on our Facebook page.

Madison Renovation 1Renovation progress 2 - Interior guts

The home was gutted down to the studs and additional LVL beams were added to support the new second floor.



Fireplace - before and after

The firepleace was capped and refinished with a stucco plaster. Fireplaces are great asthetically, but they create indoor air quality concerns and leak more heat than they usually produce in a season. The fireplace will be used as a centerpiece of the room displaying birtch logs and candles.


Thank you for following the action! Stay tuned for updates!