An Unwanted Breeze.

As you sit down in your favorite recliner, you notice a draft coming across you, forcing you to go and get a sweater from your bedroom. It’s the same draft that you have been dealing with for years, the one that prevents your spouse from joining you in the den. On this cold winter evening, however, you have decided that enough is enough. But what are you to do?

Draftiness in a home is caused by gaps and cracks in the building’s thermal envelope (the barrier that separates the conditioned space inside from the outside). These gaps and cracks are often easy to find, such as in old windows and doors. Other times, however, the source can be more difficult to find. Light switch plates, baseboards, improper insulation or even small gaps in an attic or floor plane can lead to hard-to-locate drafts.

We Can Stop the Wind.

E3 INNOVATE employs Middle Tennessee’s brightest building scientists who have unmatched experience in detecting energy-wasting issues, including thermal gaps that cause draftiness. Using sophisticated diagnostic tools such as thermal imaging cameras and pressure tests, we can pinpoint and eliminate the causes of drafts in your home. Incredibly, it is common for an average house to have enough tiny holes in its envelope to equate to the front door being left wide open all the time!

Through a service called “air sealing,” we eliminate these voids, from the easy-to-find to the well-hidden ones. Because air sealing has one of the highest rates of return as far as cost-to-savings ratios are concerned, it is one of the most recommended procedures for home energy savings. As leaders in the field, we are the best equipped to diagnose and treat a leaky home, saving homeowners money while creating a more comfortable home.

Ready to eliminate drafts? Give us a call!

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What is that draft, and where is it coming from? If you are struggling to keep your home comfortable throughout all four of Nashville's seasons, or are tired of your inconsistent room to room temperatures, E3 INNOVATE can diagnose your home performance issues and provide the insulation & air sealing services you need.