Here at E3 INNOVATE, we take pride in being building science geeks. When you are building a new home or are retrofitting your existing Nashville home, you need a partner who will be with you every step of the way, from beginning to end in order to bring your home performance goals to life! We can lend our building science expertise to every step of the construction process — so read on to see how we can help make your next project go as smooth as possible!

Project Design

When you're building your dream home, you need a plan. Without a plan, you run the risk of discovering three months down the road that something crucial slipped your mind. E3’s Design and Consulting team will work with you before you start your project and provide a roadmap to help you invest your time and resources most efficiently and effectively. We work as homeowner advocates to make sure your dream home is as beautiful as it is healthy and comfortable. Each design project can include:

  • Energy modeling

  • Code compliance assistance

  • HVAC sizing 

  • Daylight and window optimization 

  • Moisture management 

  • Radon mitigation & more

Our Project Planning services generally start with an energy model conducted by our professionals, which will help optimize the building design and prioritize investment in the areas that will yield the greatest results. We can optimize your space to get the most out of renewable energy technology, including geothermal and solar technology.

Continuing Our Building Science Knowledge

E3 has been in the home performance industry since 2008 and is always on the lookout for the best materials, strategies, and technology. We determine exactly what you need to meet your performance goals and make recommendations on the best technology on the market, whether it be a variable speed compressor HVAC unit, a high-efficiency heat pump water heater, a smart thermostat, or just a simple air sealing package from our team of qualified technicians. E3 INNOVATE will make sure that you get the best value and greatest results for your money.

Diagnostic Testing

The crawlspace is sealed. The attic has been insulated and air sealed with spray foam. The new HVAC unit has been installed. Now it’s time to have the E3 Certification team provide third-party verification and testing to ensure that the job was done right. E3’s building science experts will perform a series of tests using the latest diagnostic hardware and software to give you an accurate picture of the state of your home after the upgrades have been performed. Not only does this allow you the assurance that the job was done correctly and effectively, it also serves as an added value when selling your home.

Construction Inspections

Having our Construction Consulting professionals on your job site means having a team of experts with you, supporting you at each step along the way. Our E3 Consulting team will share ideas, create solutions for unexpected problems, and provide assurance as a third party that all of the work is done efficiently, with integrity, and as designed. Our role is to be your advocate to ensure the important design elements that create your desired outcomes don't fall by the wayside during construction. Even if you need an extra pair of hands to hold down a piece of plywood, we can do that too.

We’ll be there to make sure you don’t get stuck.

There are moments in every project where you just get stuck. Perhaps what looked great on paper is not translating to reality, or the installation of equipment is not going as planned. Maybe you received a request for solar-ready or geothermal-ready plans, and you’re not sure where in the process these should be added. Rather than wasting time and money chasing your proverbial tail, contact us for some construction guidance. We are happy to offer the tools and the know-how we’ve acquired over the years as Middle Tennessee’s leader in home performance.

Common Issues We Solve

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