2023 marks E3 INNOVATE's 15th year serving the Nashville market! Yet, it seems like just yesterday the business was only a vision... 

In this video, E3 INNOVATE walks you through a custom home built west of Nashville, Tennessee and describes some of the elements that make it a high performance energy efficient healthy home.

Last year, the Myers family reached out to E3 INNOVATE with a vision of building a net-zero energy house.

When a crawlspace such as this one is vented in a hot humid climate, hot moist air enters from the outside and condenses on cool surfaces, including ductwork, pipes, and even on all of the tiny surfaces of fiberglass insulation. This causes significant durability problems and promotes the growth of toxic mold.

Welcome to Erik's house! In early November, 2017, Erik hosted a tour of his high performance home, an example of a total E3 Home Makeover that transformed a dark rancher into a light, bright, mid-century modern. The attendees had many great questions, which created an engaging conversation around home performance. 

E3 is a team of build science experts working to improve the comfort, health, durability, and sustainability of homes in and around Nashville Tennessee. We work with builders and homeowners to ensure quality construction and high performance.