E3 INNOVATE recently completed a whole-home performance upgrade in a newer home in the Green Hills area of Nashville, TN. The homeowners were driven by the need to replace an old failed HVAC system and the desire to improve overall efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. This home received a total HVAC rework!

What's the best way to protect your hardwood floors? Seal your crawlspace and keep it dry! Moisture from below the home can migrate upward and wreak havoc on wood materials. Not only can moisture lead to mold, it can cause hardwood floors to buckle and warp. 

What types of air filters are available on the market, how do they work, and which one is best for your home? Watch this video to find out! 

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This house in Madison TN went through extensive healthy home upgrades during it's two years of ownership. When the homeowner was ready to sell, she had no problem at all! In fact, the next owner paid over the asking price because they knew that E3's work had made it a high performing home. What this video to learn more!

When you purchase a home, no matter how big or small, be sure you know what's below your feet. In this video, Erik points out a number of concerns that can produce indoor air quality issues inside the home, including pests, dusts, moisture, and mold concerns.

One feature of a high performance home is a sealed attic. In this video, Erik points out the features of a sealed attic system and highlights the benefits of using spray foam.