A bigger air conditioner is not always the answer.

Air conditioning and heating systems perform best when they are the right size for your home or business. Having a system that is too big or too small can quickly deteriorate performance, comfort, and indoor air quality. In fact, oversized HVAC systems, a common problem in both old and new homes, are a huge contributor to high indoor humidity levels. The wrong size can also lead to maintenance issues that require frequent air conditioner repair.

E3 INNOVATE will find your perfect size.

E3 INNOVATE HVAC sizing services use high-tech instruments and the latest modeling software to determine the best-sized HVAC unit for your space and needs, often saving consumers money by recommending smaller, more efficient units. We conduct these tests using professional Manual J,S, T, & D software, which allows us to determine the appropriate size of the equipment and design the proper air supply system for your home.

Once we conduct a load calculation, E3 recommends one of three options: 1) highly efficient conventional systems 2) mini-splits (ductless air conditioner systems) 3) geothermal. Our load calculations can be used with any brand from Lenox to WaterFurnace and everything in between. They can also be used by other HVAC companies if you already have a preferred installer.

Save money and more.

Benefits of having the right size and type of HVAC unit include:

  • A more comfortable home
  • A more durable home
  • Decreased operating costs
  • Decreased installation costs
  • Less pollution emitted into the environment
  • Less air conditioning repair

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What are the benefits of conventional HVAC systems, ductless mini-splits and geothermal?

High efficiency conventional systems: Allow you to optimally utilize the existing duct systems in your home. Save money, time, and energy!

Ductless mini-split system: These mini-splits are a great option for heating and cooling a targeted area of the property without the expense and inefficiency of a duct system. Say goodbye to inconsistent indoor temperatures.

Geothermal HVAC: The most renewable and earth-friendly option to heat and cool your home. Drawing heat from the earth, geothermal systems are the next solar panels of this generation.

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