2018 Energy Codes Adopted by Davidson County

Better Building Codes Means Healthier Homes for Nashvillians!

We are excited to share breaking news! Just a few weeks ago, a very important bill made its way through Metro Council. Mayor Cooper signed an ordinance that updates the county's residential building code from 2012 standards to 2018 standards, a big move for sustainability, energy efficiency, and healthier homes!

We are excited about the updates to the codes because we believe this will help improve the health and safety of new homes built in Nashville-Davidson County. 

We anticipate this update will provide: 

  • Better building standards that will increase the value of the cities housing stock. 
  • Reduced energy costs for new single-family homes.
  • Reduced risk of indoor air quality concerns related to mold, moisture, and chemical off-gassing from construction materials and household products.
  • The ability to compete nationally and attract industry. 
  • Safer, healthier places for families to work, learn, live, and play. 
  • More resilient homes for sheltering-in-place during emergencies. 

You can read the white paper E3 prepared for the Mayor's office in support of the codes changes here: CLICK HERE TO READ E3's REPORT.

Thank you to the city council members and to Mayor Cooper for supporting this bill and taking action towards a more sustainable Nashville!