A vision for the Future: One young lady's dream of creating sustainable communities

Miss MaKagin Gray recently joined the E3 EcoWorks team as a Home Performance Technician. She came to E3 looking to gain experience in the home performance field. We spent some time with Miss Gray to find out a bit more about her vision for the future and how she hopes to apply her skills. Here's what she had to say:

Before joining E3, what other work opportunities have you had? 
Before working with E3, I had worked as a preschool teacher, barista and waitress. 

What experiences in the past sparked your interest in buildings and home performance? 
For the past few years, I’ve had the dream of being 100% self-sustainable. I plan to create a sustainable tiny house community eventually. I am happy to be working with E3 while chasing these dreams and learning the skills I’ll need to achieve them.

What is your vision for the future of residential construction?
I see society shifting away from the traditional nuclear family style of living and into a more communal, economical way of life. I would like to remodel residential houses into dwellings more suited for group living with shared common places.

What are the biggest inefficiencies you see in our world today and what areas do you think have the biggest potential for saving energy and reducing carbon emissions?
Self-sustainability is not only a personal goal of mine, but also a message I wish to spread far and wide. We live close to the tipping point with our carbon emissions. I believe one of the first things we could do to set our future up for a smaller footprint would be to teach gardening to all our youth. The factory farm food corporations of the world make up a good chunk of our emissions. Eliminating our dependence on them will significantly help improve our society’s efficiency. 

Describe your ideal vision for the future. What will it take to get there?
I see a world centered around love and human creativity, what I view as our true divinity. We have divorced from our roots with the planet and doing so has driven a stake between us and our true purpose… leaving many of us with a sense of lacking or complacency. I believe this can be resolved by instilling people with the desire to thrive, laugh and stand up and do something for the sake of direct experience. We have this life, this planet and this body. They are ours to create. Will we continue down this rabbit hole of self and planetary destruction? Or, will we face one another for an all-encompassing hug and decide to raise our gardens and our children hand in hand with the heartbeat of the planet? We are all love.