Are These Energy Vampires in Your Home?

It’s officially October, and that means the season of spooks and frights is upon us. You may be avoiding all things scary at this time of year, but did you know that there could be vampires lurking inside your own home?

Energy vampires, that is. Energy vampires suck the energy efficiency right out of your home, leaving you to deal with chilly drafts, malfunctioning HVAC equipment, and — gasp! — high energy bills.

How do you know if your house in the Nashville area is vulnerable to these unwelcome guests? Here’s a look at some of the energy vampires that could be lurking within the walls of your home.

Air Leaks

Air leaks are holes, cracks, and gaps which allow air to travel freely throughout your home. You most commonly find them around windows, the attic hatch, plumbing fixtures, wiring penetrations, and recessed lighting.

When these leaks are left unsealed, all of that warm air you’re paying for rises and escapes into the attic. Meanwhile, cold drafts seep in and give you the chills, and your energy bills become frighteningly high. And that’s not to mention all of those spiders that can creep into your home through those same holes!

What can you do?

To eliminate air leaks, we recommend comprehensive air sealing. We’ll use a FLIR infrared camera to uncover hidden leaks and high performance spray foam to seal those leaks for good.

Insulation Gaps

If you’re shivering at home and it’s not because you’re watching a scary movie, it could be that your house is under-insulated. Gaps in insulation allow valuable heat to escape in the fall and winter and unwanted heat to enter in the summer. This forces your HVAC equipment to work harder, driving up those utility bills even further.

What can you do?

It’s time for new insulation! Upgrading your insulation with an energy efficient material like spray foam or blown-in cellulose will stabilize indoor temperatures, decrease energy usage, and keep annual heating and cooling costs down.

Poorly Sized HVAC Equipment

Even if your home is airtight and properly insulated, there could be another culprit behind your high energy bills — a poorly sized furnace or air conditioner. Poorly sized HVAC equipment works harder to keep your home comfortable, leaving you with higher energy bills and costly repairs down the road.

What can you do?

We suggest having your HVAC system properly sized by our professionals, who will use the highest industry standards and advanced modeling software to determine the best sized unit for your home.

Find Out What’s Lurking in Your Home

Not sure if air leaks, insulation gaps, or poorly sized HVAC equipment are sucking the energy efficiency right out of your home? Schedule a home energy audit. An energy audit by E3 INNOVATE will uncover inefficiencies in your Tennessee home and point you to the right solutions for those scary energy bills.

High energy bills giving you a fright? It’s time to uncover your energy vampires with a home energy audit. Contact us to get started!