Attic & Crawlspace Improvements

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The attic and crawlspace often waste the most energy in a home. For lower energy bills and greater indoor comfort, consider these attic and crawlspace upgrades.

Attic Insulation

Up to 25% of heat loss in the winter happens in the attic.

Insulating the attic keeps indoor heat in your living spaces where it belongs.

The Benefits

Less work for HVAC equipment

Lower heating bills in winter

Lower cooling bills in summer

More stable indoor comfort

What It Does

In the winter, attic insulation prevents rising heat from seeping into the attic and escaping through the roof.

In the summer, attic insulation prevents heat in the attic from seeping down into your home.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

The crawlspace is often home to moisture and mold issues which harm your indoor air quality and comfort. Crawlspace encapsulation keeps the crawlspace clean and dry.

The Benefits

Fewer mold and pest issues

Less risk of structural damage

Better indoor air quality

Greater overall home comfort

What It Does

A vapor barrier is installed along the crawlspace floor and walls while spray foam insulation is applied to the walls.

These steps together keep moisture and pests out and help regulate temperatures in the crawlspace.