Building or Remodeling? Here’s Why You Should Consult E3

Building a new home, or remodeling the existing Nashville sanctuary you call home, is an exciting time. It’s a chance to finally add a room so the extended family can all visit for the holidays, or maybe downsize so you don’t have to host the relatives every time they are in town. Either way, you want your new construction or remodeling project to be well planned from the get go so that you and your family are set up for comfort and energy efficiency over the duration of your time in your home.

So, why should you get E3 INNOVATE involved? Because we can make your house more energy efficient, comfortable, and even healthier. By partnering with your team to consult on your new construction, remodel, or rebuild project, we can make sure your house is set up for success before you even break ground! Here’s what you should know about our consulting services.

Nashville’s Whole Home Experts

Each system involved in the construction and mechanics of your home is connected, which means building or remodeling a home requires an integrated approach. Changes in one system can and will affect the others!

For example, if you are adding square footage to your home, that added space needs to be factored into your heating and cooling system operation. Adding a room means your furnace and air conditioner may no longer be properly sized to evenly (and efficiently) keep your home comfortable. Additionally, changes in how well your home is sealed off from the outside environment — this is called the building envelope — will also affect your heating and cooling equipment. We highly recommend a formal sizing calculation — called a Manual J —  be done by a professional like E3 whenever you are building or remodeling a home. 

Home performance upgrades like crawlspace encapsulation are common here in our southern climate. However, as your home becomes “tighter,” your heating and cooling systems won’t have a need to use as much energy. Knowing this from the start of your project means each piece of the puzzle is accounted for before it is put into place. 

Accomplish Your Goals, with Our Help

You are the one that has to live in your home, so who better than to determine your comfort and energy goals? If you have been looking for a home energy audit in Nashville, a home inspection specializing in thermal imaging, or a blower door test to determine air leakage, E3 INNOVATE starts nearly every project with our thorough energy audit. We use this to help plan for accomplishing a number of goals you may set for your project, such as:

Code compliance

Need help with your property’s standard code compliance? We can get it done right the first time.

Insulation optimization 

Perhaps you’ve inherited the insulation from the previous owner, or are looking to choose the best insulation material for a comfortable and efficient future. We keep up to date on the latest in sustainable, responsible, and effective materials, and even specialize in ultra-low VOC spray foam insulation in Nashville.

HVAC sizing 

Changes in your home will require changes in your heating and cooling systems. We can properly determine your heating and cooling load, and pair you with the most efficient equipment to match.

Efficient window selection

Choosing the right window material for a proper air-tight seal is essential to maintaining your building envelope. We can help you choose the right windows for maximum energy efficiency throughout your home, so you’re no longer seeing that window condensation inside your panes!

Daylight optimization

There is no better light than the natural light that comes from the sun. We can help plan your window, door, and skylight placement to maximize solar gains only when you need it, as well as provide a flood of cozy natural sunlight throughout your home.

Moisture control & reduction

The humidity here in the south will find any pathway it can into your home. The crawlspaces of Nashville homes are an often overlooked source of issues from excess moisture!

Radon mitigation

Radon mitigation in Nashville is a serious consideration, and depending on the ground underneath your home, you could be at risk for increased radon exposure. By radon testing your Nashville home, and implementing smart radon mitigation systems as well as proper ventilation, our team can keep your home as radon-free as possible. 

Efficiency, Comfort & Health with E3 INNOVATE

The last thing you want at the end of a new construction or rebuild project is to be disappointed that your new home isn’t comfortable, is expensive to maintain, or is a threat to the health of you and your family. Plan for success from the beginning with E3 INNOVATE, and we will make sure your project is catered to your exact needs.

Looking for an ally in planning your new construction or remodel? E3 INNOVATE’s consulting services are on your side. Schedule your consult today by calling 615-247-5337 or get in touch here.