Diagnostic Testing Services: FAQs

If you are here, you must have browsed our website long enough to find information on our Diagnostic Assessment Services. If you haven't found that link on our home page yet, CLICK HERE to learn more. Or, perhaps you inquired via phone and spoke to one of our building scientists. Great! 

Thank you for your interest in working with E3 INNOVATE to create a high performance energy efficient healthy home! This article provides answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding this service.

If you still have questions after reading this article, give our office a call at 615-876-5479. We're happy to help!


What is a high performance home?

A high performance home offers more control; control over comfort, humidity, and indoor air quality. These homes are well insulated and air sealed and use mechanical ventilation systems to provide fresh, filtered air to the interior. Usually, they also use variable speed heating and cooling systems that can ramp up and ramp down depending on the comfort needs of the house. With this equipment, homeowners experience even comfort, better control over indoor humidity levels, and reduced energy cost. High performance homes are designed with an integrated approach, making sure that all of the elements, from the foundation to the attic, and everything in between, come together to work as a complete system.   


How is E3 INNOVATE different than other contractors?

E3 offers a whole-home approach. Rather than selling individual service, like insulation, HVAC systems, or sealed crawlspaces, E3 applies these components to address the root cause of performance issues, such as inefficiencies, air quality problems, humidity challenges, or un-even comfort while at the same time transforming your house into a sustainable healthy home.

Our services are comprehensive and integrated and our recommendations are based on the results from data we collect during our initial testing process.


What is the process for working with E3 INNOVATE?

Every project starts with an E3 Diagnostic Assessment of your home, which includes a blower door test to check infiltration rates, and duck leakage testing to identify sources of energy loss and air contaminants. We also perform radon testing and a basic analysis of indoor air quality while on site. If someone is curious about mold in their home, we can also provide ERMI mold dust tests and EMMA mold and mycotoxin testing. This in-depth assessment takes between 3 and 4 hours to complete, depending on the size of your home.

After the testing is complete and we have thoroughly inspected the house, we take the data back to our office and create a photo documentation report, as well as a scope of work that outlines the recommended steps that achieve the performance you’re looking for. We schedule a follow-up consultation to review the recommendations and work with you to create a plan for your project. Once we have finalized the plan, our experienced EcoWorks team can carry out the scope of work, if you choose.

When all is said and done, E3 INNOVATE will come back at the end and retest the home for quality assurance and to note the improvements that were accomplished.


How much does it cost?

Diagnostic testing starts at $835, which includes up to 3,000 SF and one duct system. Larger homes with multiple duct systems can range between $1100 and $2000. An E3 Consultant will reach out to you with specific pricing based on your home's information. You can also calculate the cost of your assessment with the information found in our Diagnostic Assessment Flyer.

When it comes time to make improvements to your home, our packages can range significantly in price depending on the goals and scope of your project. Our clients often budget between 8% and 20% of their home's value for our comprehensive home performance packages.

Many homeowners chose to pay cash for their projects while others opt for financing. We have easy financing plans available. With interest rates as low as they are, a home equity line of credit is also a great option.  


What are the benefits of working with E3?

E3 takes a building science approach to home performance. We base our recommendations on testing data collected during our assessment so to avoid the guess work. We have over 40 years of combined experience in home performance and building science and have been serving the Nashville area since 2008. We strive to deliver you results, rather than sell you equipment, and our goal is to simplify, not complicate the issue. We are a local company who pays living wages and provides our employees with workers-comp and benefits. We are passionate about the environment, improving sustainability, and maintaining the equity of our community for generations into the future. That is ultimately why we do what we do.


We are excited to help you create an energy efficient health home. Thank you for taking the time to complete the application process. If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our home performance experts!


Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

- The E3 Team

The E3 Team, Nashville TN