Radon and Your Family (Radon Awareness Month)

This time last year we hoped to bring an increased understanding of the dangers of radon to the homeowners of Nashville during radon awareness month. This year, to build on that radon knowledge, we thought we would spend some time discussing how radon can silently and dangerously affect your family members and some signs that it is time to schedule testing with a radon remediation company like E3 INNOVATE.

Radon: What to Look/Smell For

Radon is a naturally occurring gas, a byproduct of breakdowns in uranium below the earth’s surface. Radon can infiltrate the home through holes and gaps in the crawlspace or basement floor, as well as any cracks in the crawlspace walls. But you can’t see it, and you can’t smell it so, unfortunately, unlike carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, there won't be any immediate symptoms of exposure. Instead, the early signs of lung cancer may show up many years later. Radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. so being proactive about mitigation in your home is essential for providing a safe and healthy home for your family. 

The Best Way to Remove Radon from a Home

The absolute best way to know if you have radon in the first place is to test for it. Because radon is a known threat here in Tennessee, radon testing for Nashville homes is essential to living radon free. Wondering how many areas in your home should be tested for radon? Following EPA recommendations, we start from the lowest level of the home and work from the bottom up. 

When it comes to the E3 INNOVATE approach to professional radon mitigation here in TN, we start with a crawlspace encapsulation. This includes installing a sealed laminate ground cover vapor barrier to prevent moisture and soil gases from migrating upwards. What many homeowners don’t take into account when weighing the crawlspace encapsulation pros and cons is that this ground cover also gives you greater control over the overall temperatures and efficiency of your whole home!

Nashville’s Radon Experts

If you are concerned that radon may be a factor in the health of your home and are looking for “radon removal near me”, or are wondering how you can add a radon mitigation system to your home, E3 INNOVATE has got you covered. From testing your home to outlining a plan to remove radon for good, our team of air quality experts can get your home healthy again while increasing your energy efficiency!

Ready to rid your residence of radon? Call on the radon mitigation company that Nashville trust: E3 INNOVATE. Call us at 615-876-5479 or get in touch here.