Why Band-Aids and blister packs don't work for your home.

Medicine and healthcare are often used to make analogies to home performance at E3 INNOVATE because of the similarities between achieving optimal health and an energy efficient healthy home. We can't rely on Band-Aids and blister packs to fix our health; nor can we rely on shiny pieces of equipment to fix our homes. 

Americans have grown dependent on medicine to relieve their nagging symptoms when many health professionals keep driving home the valid point that diet and lifestyle changes need to be the first step in regaining health.

Let's admit, it sure would save a lot of time and yes, it would be convenient if we could stick a few Band-Aids over our heart to lower cholesterol or pop open a blister pack to reverse insulin resistance. As reality should have it, however, the human body is intricate, and long-lasting health requires attention and investment. 

Our homes are also intricate systems, and to create and maintain a high performance healthy home requires the same level of attention and investment. If only it were as easy as buying a new shiny piece of equipment, plugging it in, and flipping a switch. "Set it and forget it," right? Unfortunately, wrong! 

99% of the time, solving home performance problems requires addressing all of the outstanding issues while also resolving deferred maintenance. It's the "diet and lifestyle approach" to a healthy home. To really get at the root-cause requires diagnostic testing, which helps us answer questions like:

  • Where are the problematic air leakage points? Is that air leakage causing humidity and/or condensation issues?
  • How much duct leakage is occurring and is it causing negative pressure on the house, which sucks in air from the attic, crawlspace, or the garage? Is this issue leading to indoor air quality problems?
  • Does the house need a radon mitigation system? If so, is there one in place and is it working to reduce radon without exacerbating infiltration and air leakage? 

E3 never skips a step during the diagnostic testing because the results helps us create an effective proposal that addresses the root cause, just as blood work and other lab tests help the doctor recommend an effective protocol.

The benefit to the up-front testing is that the practitioner and the client/patient know where to focus the treatment - that is, the attention and the investment. Without a proper diagnosis, homeowners can be left chasing home performance symptoms with over-the-counter quick fix shiny objects that don't work in the long run, but cost a lot of money in the end.

E3 is like a doctor for your house. If your home is experiencing chronic symptoms and you're looking for a root-cause diagnosis, call the experts at E3 INNOVATE.