Why Is Fall the Perfect Time for an Energy Audit?

We may not have a typical, chilly fall here in Nashville, but frigid temperatures will be here before we know it. Is your home ready for another round of winter weather, or are you in for another season of high utility bills, fluctuating indoor temperatures, and dry itchy skin?

Get Ahead of the Cold with a Fall Energy Audit

Winter doesn’t have to mean high heating bills and pesky indoor drafts. By scheduling a home energy audit during the fall, you’ll find out how to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient — before winter weather hits.

Your audit will include science-based diagnostic testing to uncover sources of wasted energy. This includes a blower door test to measure air leakage and thermal imaging to pinpoint air leaks and missing insulation. After the audit, you’ll receive a custom report that includes a list of recommended upgrades.

The Benefits of a Fall Energy Audit

The recommended upgrades in your report are the most cost-effective ways to improve your home performance while getting the highest return on your investment. By following our recommendations, you can expect to:

Conserve energy & save money

If there are air leaks and insulation gaps along the outside of your home, valuable heat is going to escape all winter. Upgrades like air sealing and insulation keep indoor heat in your living spaces so you can run your heating system less, saving you money on annual heating costs.

Prevent HVAC emergencies

Duct leakage and failing heating equipment can become sources of stress during the winter months. An energy audit will pinpoint any duct leakage and alert you to emerging issues with your HVAC equipment before they become winter emergencies.

Feel cozier all winter

Energy saving upgrades also provide more reliable home comfort all winter. Air sealing and insulation, for example, eliminate drafts and keep indoor temperatures more consistent, while crawlspace encapsulation keeps your floors warmer no matter how cold it is outside. Air sealing the house will also prevent dry conditions that can increase coughs, itchy dry skin, and static electricity shock.

Schedule Your Energy Assessment Before It’s Too Late

Energy savings and cozy winter comfort are just a home assessment away. Talk to E3 INNOVATE and schedule your home energy audit before it’s too late! We’ll help you get ahead of the cold with expert diagnostic testing and tailored recommendations on which upgrades your home needs.

Beat the winter rush for energy audits and weatherization upgrades. Contact us or call 615-876-5479 today to schedule your energy audit! Mention this blog post and receive $65 off your Extensive Diagnostic Home Assessment (link to PDF flyer), now through December 20, 2018.