Asthma and Allergies

The Air We Breathe. Not So Good. What began as your child coughing, wheezing and experiencing discomfort while playing progressed to tightening of neck and chest muscles and occasional bouts of panic and anxiety due to the inability to breathe.

Mildew, Rot, and Humidity

The South: A Breeding Ground for Mildew and Mold. <

Cold or Warped Floors

The Floors are Cold. It’s a cold winter day and, determined to stay comfortable, you’ve set the thermostat to 70°. As you walk through the house, however, you still feel cold. You nudge the thermostat up to 72°, and then 74°, but you still feel cold. After a bit of detective work you finally discover the culprit: cold floors.

High Utility Bills

Energy is Expensive, and it’s Only Getting Worse. During the hot summer and cold winter months, you notice that your utility bills are higher than expected. Checking with your colleague from work who has a similar home, you discover that your house uses much more energy than his.


An Unwanted Breeze. As you sit down in your favorite recliner, you notice a draft coming across you, forcing you to go and get a sweater from your bedroom. It’s the same draft that you have been dealing with for years, the one that prevents your spouse from joining you in the den. On this cold winter evening, however, you have decided that enough is enough.

Uneven Temperatures

Hot Here.  Cold There. When walking from one room of your house to another, you realize that the temperature changes. Your bedroom is a comfortable temperature, but the bonus room above the garage is too hot to spend any time in. In fact, it’s so bad that for many parts of the year you don’t use the room at all because it’s too uncomfortable.

Outside Noise

A Quiet Night Gone Bad. You’ve just settled in for your favorite episode of Matlock when the deafening whoosh of a passing truck causes you to miss a key line in the opening sequence. To make matters worse, the dog next door hasn’t stopped barking since its owners left hours ago.


Unwanted House Guests. From ants and spiders and cockroaches to mice, skunks and possums, Tennessee is not lacking for varieties of pests. Homes both old and new suffer from these unwanted guests, leaving homeowners quick to try remedies such as traps, poison, and pest control services.