The South: Breeding Ground for Mildew and Mold.

The humid climate of the Southeast can be problematic for homes, leading to issues including mold and rot and forcing air conditioners to work overtime. Common building methods, such as venting crawlspaces and installing inadequate bath fans, make these problems worse, since they allow humidity to penetrate building components such as floor joists and sheetrock. The moisture that these components absorb offers mildew and mold a prime growing condition. Prolonged contact with moisture leads these components to rot, contributing to odors, structural issues, and expensive repairs.

We Can Eliminate the Problem.

Luckily, E3 INNOVATE offers complete solutions that can eliminate moisture issues in current homes and prevent them in new ones. Our signature sealed and conditioned crawlspace systems are proven to lower humidity levels in crawlspaces, helping to eliminate the damp conditions that mildew and mold grow in. By encapsulating the crawlspace with a combination of spray foam insulation and an ultra-durable, white vapor barrier, we bring your crawlspace into the conditioned space of the home, providing you with a safe, moisture free environment to store your belongings. In addition, we can treat existing mold with a solution that kills harmful spores and prevents further growth.

Because most existing bath fans are improperly sized and vented, E3 offers automated bath fans that are triggered by motion or high humidity levels and provide near-silent operation. By eliminating the need for a control switch, these fans allow homeowners to exit the house soon after a shower while the fan continues to run until the moisture is removed. By properly venting the fans (a rare practice in the construction world), we ensure that they are running as efficiently as possible.

We’ll Get It Right the First Time.

While our crawlspace systems and automated bath fans help eliminate the moisture that breeds mildew and mold, often times additional thought must be put into solving a home’s moisture issues. For this reason, E3 takes what we call the “whole house” approach to tackling issues. Our building scientists incorporate every aspect of your home into our moisture reduction plan, ensuring that the solution works right immediately and for years to come.

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