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Structural mechanical system technology is advancing rapidly, changing the way we think about building design. From ductless mini splits and energy recovery ventilators to advances in building science, including encapsulated crawlspaces and attic spaces, staying on top of the latest trends is difficult. Common issues in the South, such as high humidity levels and uneven temperatures throughout a structure, can now easily be addressed through proper pairing of structural design and technology.

E3 Offers Expertise in the Rapidly Advancing World of Energy-Efficient Design.

E3 INNOVATE is the region’s most experienced and trusted expert in high-performance building science. With years of experience and more degrees, certifications, and awards than we can fit on our walls (it’s true; come by our office sometime), you can trust that our guidance will hit the mark. From our Project Planning service to load calculations and expertise with the latest in structural mechanical systems, E3 helps architects design masterpieces that are as efficient and comfortable as they are beautiful. In addition, we offer guidance for LEED and ENERGY STAR certifications that will provide the forethought to bring your creations the recognition they deserve.

During our Design Review process, we work with architects to ensure that the plans for the structure are optimized for the latest in mechanical systemsinsulation, and home automation. Utilizing our energy modeling and load calculations, we prescribe the optimal mechanical equipment for each home and suggest building practices that reflect the latest in high-performance building science. As opposed to outdated “rule-of-thumb” practices, our sophisticated load calculations allow you to design the home to be more comfortable and energy efficient than ever before.

Your Trusted Advisors.

Perhaps most important is our relationship with the architects that we serve. Consider us trusted advisors that offer expertise within a specific realm of the design world. As your guiding light for the energy-efficiency aspect of your creations, we offer a partnership that promises to help you design structures that are at the forefront of sustainable and efficient design.

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