Why Moisture Control Is Important In Your Home

Spring is here, which means rain and humidity are on the way. Are you prepared to control moisture in your home?

Homeowners are often concerned with comfort levels in their homes. Some of their biggest worries include leaking air ducts, drafty windows and doors, and underperforming air conditioning and heating units. What they don’t often consider is the level of moisture in their homes.

Controlling moisture is an important part of maintaining a comfortable and healthy home. The problems that could arise from too much moisture range from mold and mildew to climate control issues. Why wait until something horrible happens before you consider the level of humidity in certain areas of your home?

Ventilation System

One common addition to many homes is a ventilation fan for rooms that might experience high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Keep in mind that many common ventilation fans don’t work to bring fresh air into the home; they only draw air out. A proper ventilation system will help you control the humidity in your home by allowing air in and out of the home on a controlled path.

Advantages of better ventilation


These systems are perfect for homes that experience high levels of humidity in kitchens or bathrooms, but don’t overlook them if you’re not experiencing humidity issues. A good ventilation system also helps move air through the home to keep the air you breathe clean and allergen-free.


In some cases, even a top-notch ventilation system needs some help. A powerful whole-house dehumidifier works well in damp climates to keep your home dry and healthy. You may only need them during certain times of the year, perhaps when rain and high humidity are in the forecast.

Whole house dehumidifiers may be installed with your existing HVAC system, or as a stand-alone unit in an encapsulated crawl space system. A dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air and collect the water in a reservoir which drains to the outside of your home. The best dehumidifiers also include filters, so that you’re always breathing fresh, allergen-free air.

Your health isn’t the only thing a dry, comfortable home protects. You’ll never again need to worry about wood flooring, priceless antiques, or musical instruments. There is simply no reason to put off ventilation and dehumidification within your home. For the best products and installation, give us a call.