Ventilation Practices for Meeting Recent Codes Changes

Recent codes changes now require homes to be sealed more tightly to maintain comfort within the home. These codes also ensure that the systems within the home, particularly HVAC units, don’t have to work as hard to reach the comfort levels residents require.

While a sealed home is excellent for maintaining air comfort and quality, some problems can arise. Without ventilation of some sort, moisture will begin to take its toll on the materials of the home. That’s why mechanical ventilation systems are so important to any home that is sealed tightly enough to pass recent codes testing.

A proper ventilation system isn’t as easily installed as you might think. Ventilation must be considered from the very beginning, in the planning stages when blueprints are drawn up and building plans made. Without attention from the outset of any project, the ventilation system will be an afterthought, and as an afterthought, no ventilation system can possibly perform to its full potential.

Existing structures that have been sealed will also need attention for ventilation systems. While installing a ventilation system during the construction of the home or building is ideal, a robust system can also be installed for existing homes, regardless of age.

This video explains why ventilation is so important and which strategies are necessary for today’s home building requirements.

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