3 Efficiency Updates That Will Make Your Home More Comfortable

While “green” is still the big buzzword even now that we’re moving into 2016, many homeowners and businesses are beginning to realize that an efficient structure is so much more than trendy. It’s definitely important to save the Earth for future generations, but we have to be pragmatic about it. As much as you may want to go off the grid and live on solar and wind power, you don’t want to give up your comfort.

Fortunately, there are several upgrades you can perform on your current home that will help you live a green lifestyle without sacrificing comfort. Even better, you’ll save a lot more money that you’ll spend on the changes. Set aside your grand plans for now and take a look at these smaller upgrades that will help you start saving money right away.

Programmable Thermostat

Sure, this means you’ll still have heating and air in your home, and isn’t that preferable when you live in the Southeast? A programmable thermostat means that you can use your HVAC system when you need it. If you go on vacation and leave your heater on high blast, a programmable thermostat can be turned down via a smartphone or tablet. Most will learn your habits, too. That means you’ll need to set the thermostat a few times in the beginning—telling the system when you’re home and when you’re not, when you’re cold and when you’re hot—and the thermostat will take care of the changes for you.

As cool (or hot) as this may seem, the real draw is the savings. When your thermostat regulates the temperatures in your house for you, helping you make the most of heating and air only when you need it, then your utility bills will begin to shrink.

New Insulation

Speaking of keeping that home the perfect temperature, it may be time to upgrade your insulation. There’s a good chance you have the traditional pink fiberglass stuff, which does the trick in a pinch. However, some homes may do better with blown cellulose or spray foam insulation. These newer options help to seal up cracks you didn’t even know were there to keep out the elements.

With better insulation helping to regulate the temperatures inside your house, your HVAC unit won’t have to work as hard. Pair that with a programmable thermostat, and you’ll be comfortable inside your home throughout the year.

Duct Sealing

New insulation won’t solve all your problems, though it’s a good start. If you fill the crawl spaces in your home with spray foam and still have trouble keeping the place as cool or warm as you like it, maybe you need to investigate leaks in your ductwork. What good is a heater or air conditioner if the ducts let the air leak out before it gets to the rooms?

Most consumers have no idea how inefficient their heating and air systems are, with most problems stemming from leaky air ducts or drafty floors, windows, and doors. Upgrades to these things provide comfort you’ve never experienced, while also shaving hundreds or even thousands of dollars off your yearly power bills. If you’d like to learn how E3 INNOVATE can help make your home more comfortable and  efficient, just give us a call.