Keep That Humidity Out!

You might be suffering from indoor humidity if surfaces seem “tacky” in your house, you have to turn your thermostat down lower than normal to achieve comfort, your hardwood floors are cupping, or you are noticing mildew and odors. The South is naturally very humid, and a traditional vented crawlspace is not recommended.

The solution lies in your crawlspace. That’s the source of most indoor air humidity and indoor air quality issues, and this summer, crawlspaces have been highly productive moisture factories! The best way to keep the moist air and soil gases from seeping into all the cracks beneath your floor is to install a professional crawlspace barrier.  E3 INNOVATE introduced encapsulated crawlspaces to the Middle TN market and has perfected a unique specification that helps ensure a more durable, healthier home.

Once your crawlspace has been sealed properly from the dirt under your house and the humid air outside, humiditycold drafts in the winter, dust, radon, mildew/mold are reduced significantly. Added bonuses can include managing odd smells, reducing pests in your house, and a cleaner, healthier space with improved indoor air quality.