Electrifying the way you get around

Imagine, powering your car with the energy you saved from your home improvement upgrades! Whether you’re adding more insulation to your attic or downsizing your HVAC system, E3 can help you put the energy you save back into your vehicle with an electric car charging station. E3 also works closely with LightWave Solar, a Nashville-based photovoltaic company, to help you reach your net-zero energy goal. 

Some of the many benefits of electric vehicles include:

  •  Never having to go to the gas station
  •  Quick acceleration & higher torque
  •  Quiet operation 
  •  Fun to drive
  •  No wasted energy idling in traffic
  •  Higher efficiency in city driving
  •  No oil changes required
  •  Energy independence when powered by solar


Now has never been a better time to go electric! On January 1, 2023, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) went into effect, which provides homeowners with tax credits for upgrading their home's electric panel and adding battery back-up. It also provides tax credits for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that had final assembly completed in North America. A few other rules apply, so check out the IRA summary HERE, prepared by the House Committees for Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means. 

Are you ready to make the switch? Call E3 today to discuss your options and how to get started! 


It’s electric!

If you haven’t noticed already, we love cars here at E3 INNOVATE. Especially electric cars! In fact, our fleet includes six of them: Three Electric Smart Cars, one BMW i3, and two Tesla Model Ss. We use our short-distance Smart Cars and the i3 for meeting with clients at their homes and visiting worksites around Nashville every day. We use the long-rage Model S for traveling to state-wide presentations and conferences. We’ve made the switch to electric because we believe it is a crucial step towards reducing green house gas emissions. 

The MPG equivalent (MPGe) for electric cars ranges anywhere between 31 MPGe to 160 MPGe across the country, with an average of 73 MPGe. This efficiency is dependent on the source of energy used for electricity generation, which varies from state to state. when charged using electricity generated in Tennessee, a Smart Car and a BMW i3 have efficiencies of 51 MPGe and 60 MPGe respectively compared to internal combustion cars. A Tesla Model S has an efficiency of 50 MPGe. Given that the average US car has an efficiency of 25 MPG, these electric vehicles perform over twice as well as the average gasoline car — and generate fewer emissions. 


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