Invest Your 2018 Tax Refund in Your Family’s Home

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It’s that time of year — tax season. While it’s usually a pain to get everything together if you haven’t been staying on top of it throughout the year, it’s often worth it when you receive that coveted tax refund. You might already have big plans for that money — a vacation or savings, but what if you could actually invest it into your home? It is a great opportunity to invest extra money and create a monthly dividend (similar to an annuity).

Just in Time for a Healthy Home Makeover

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Last fall, a family of young professionals purchased their first home, an older home in the 12 South neighborhood that had fallen somewhat into disrepair after years on the rental market. The new owners wanted E3’s help to ensure their new home would be a healthy living space for their young family.

Is your house feeling dry? Here’s why.

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As we move into the winter season, you may notice that the summer humidity is gone and the lack-their-of is now causing other types of problems. Dry indoor conditions can be just as miserable as high humidity levels, but for different reasons. When indoor humidity is low, we experience not only dry, itchy skin but also static electricity, dry respiratory pathways, and we create more desirable breading conditions for bacteria and viruses. Low humidity levels can also affect wood furniture, musical instruments, and hardwood floors.

What do y'all do?

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People often call us and say, “I saw your vehicles in my neighborhood the other day. What do you y’all do?” Well, the short answer is, we do a lot! E3 helps existing homeowners fix issues related to comfort, moisture, indoor air quality, and high energy bills. We also help homeowners and builders design, build, commission, and test new high performance and fully integrated homes.


Existing Homes

How clean is the air inside your home?

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When we see the buildup of air pollution over the city, we are reminded that the outdoor air may not be as fresh as we think. Have you ever wondered how your indoor air compares to the outdoors? Which one is actually “fresher?” Some studies have shown that indoor air contaminants can be as high or higher than outdoor air in large cities! Clean air is an essential component of health, just like nutritious food, clean water, and regular exercise. So, how clean is the air inside your home and could it be affecting your health?

Belle Meade Historic Home Renovation

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In this article, we feature a1920’s nationally registered historic home in the Belle Meade neighborhood of Nashville that was carefully gutted and transformed into a high-performer.  E3 served on the design, engineering, and construction teams during the 2015 and 2016 project scope.  A portion of the front exterior shell and the front roof were preserved but the rest was updated with new construction materials and technology.  This three thousand square-foot estate was strategically crafted to comply with the historic commission to preserve the original charm.

Home Performance: Adding Spray Foam Insulation, Air Sealing, & Ventilation

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Get some insight into the 'magic' that transforms a regular home into an E3 home. It suddenly becomes safer, healthier, more energy efficient place to live. See the wonders of spray foam insulation and get a sneak peek at our performance-based work.

Home Performance: preparing your house for solar with efficiency first

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E3 INNOVATE and LightWave Solar work together to create a comprehensive energy makeover to home owners who are interested in being energy independent. The homeowners have solar panels installed to provide 85% of their energy needs and use the solutions E3 provides to bridge the remaining energy consumption gap. These services will improve the energy savings, health, durability and comfort of the home. 2:55 blower door test 3:22 adding the solar panels.

Home Performance: how to make yours a green home -- the gut rehab

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We at E3 INNOVATE talk the talk and walk the walk. When Erik and Kajsa Daugherty started thinking about renovating their new home, they turned to their own company for help. E3 INNOVATE's whole-home approach creates a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home. Watch to see what an E3 transformation can look like!