Building a Net-Zero Energy Ready Home in Ashland City, TN

Last year, the Myers family reached out to E3 INNOVATE with a vision of building a net-zero energy house. A net-zero energy home is one that produces as much energy on-site as it consumes in one year.  Typically, this is accomplished by building a super energy-efficient home and then off-setting the rest of the electricity demand with a grid-tied solar PV system installed either on the roof of the house or on the ground where sun exposure can be optimized. The key to building a net-zero energy house is first reducing energy (electricity) demand as much as possible. 
The Myer’s family wanted to know how to turn their vision into reality and what key components were needed to get there. So, they hired E3 to help them find answers. 

Check out the video to see how E3 helped these homeowners create the house of their dreams!