Turning Dreams into Reality

In this video, E3 INNOVATE walks you through a custom home built west of Nashville, Tennessee and describes some of the elements that make it a high performance energy efficient healthy home. We hear from the homeowner on her experience of living in the house and why she chose to work with E3 INNOVATE on the design and construction of her dream home. Her and her husband were interested in integrating passive house elements into the design and wanted to work with an expert to find the right strategy for their plans and their budget.

CLICK HERE to check out the first video we created during mid-construction to find out more about the strategy and systems that were used to turn a homeowners dreams into reality.

E3 INNOVATE provided:

  • Design consultations with the architect and builder
  • High performance heating and cooling design and installation
  • Mechanical ventilation (ERV) design and installation
  • Spray form and cellulose insulation
  • Radon mitigation system
  • Heat pump water heater
  • Other energy efficient and home performance details
  • Final testing and quality assurance
  • HERS score

Based on our modeling, this home is predicted to produce 53% less carbon emissions than average homes! It is set up to be a net-zero energy home, if and when the homeowners decide to install a solar PV system. This means, the house will be able to generate as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. 

Are you interested in reducing your carbon foot print and living a more sustainable lifestyle? It all starts with your home! Find out how E3 INNOVATE can help you turn your dreams of sustainable living into reality!

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