A Small Mistake Can Be Costly.

You’ve recently finished a development of 100 homes and the owners are beginning to move in. One by one, they start to complain that certain rooms in the house are impossible to make comfortable, regardless of the thermostat setting. It gets so bad, in fact, that a class-action lawsuit is filed demanding that the problem be fixed. After an investigation, you learn that the insulation in many of the homes was installed incorrectly by new employees. In addition, unforeseen thermal bridging occurred in the space above the garage due to a last minute change in the plans. Faced with a potential public relations disaster, you end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades. If only these issues had been spotted beforehand, you think to yourself, the problem never would have occurred.

Quality Assurance That You Can Trust.

E3 INNOVATE offers third-party testingquality assurance, and certification services designed to help builders and developers avoid problems such as the one described above. Our highly experienced building scientists are up-to-date with the latest in smart building design, and are more equipped to find potential issues in new structures than any other company in the region. Having performed thousands of pre- and post-drywall inspections and certifications for some of the biggest builders in Tennessee, we are the authority in high-performance design.

During pre-and post-drywall inspections, we examine the design and implementation of a structure's thermal envelope, including proper insulation installation, blocking, and sealing. Performing blower door tests and duct blasters gives us important quantitative information about the structure's tightness and efficiency.

Our certification services include nationally recognized certifications such as LEEDENERGY STAR, and official HERS scores (a national standard score that rates a structure’s energy efficiency). We also work with builders who wish to use their own standards for efficiency. These certifications are designed as quality assurance measures which increase consistency and performance of homes.

E3 INNOVATE Will Save You Time and Increase Your Bottom Line.

Studies indicate that a growing number of homeowners not only look for, but are also willing to pay more for, a home that is energy efficient. With E3 INNOVATE’s third-party testing, quality assurance, and certification services, you can beat the competition and increase profits by selling a greater quantity of better-built homes.

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