Small Issues. Big Consequences.

Soon after the homeowners of your latest custom project move in, you receive a call from them complaining about the high humidity level of the house. No matter what they do, they insist, the humidity stays above 75%. Furthermore, not only are they uncomfortable, they are also concerned about their valuable artwork, all of which needs to be kept at a humidity level between 45% and 55%. The customer demands that you fix the issue immediately or face a lawsuit. Agreeing to their demand, you spend tens of thousands of dollars replacing the mechanical systems in the home. With hindsight, you wonder if the problem could have been avoided during the design phase.

Fix Problems Before They Occur.

At E3 INNOVATE, we specialize in the design of high-performance homes that are energy efficient and deliver consistent, healthy air quality. Our Project Planning service allows general contractors the opportunity for third-party experts to assess building plans and spot potential pitfalls such as the one described above. During our design reviews, we work with general contractors, sub-contractors and homeowners to ensure that the plans for the home include the correct mechanical systemsinsulation, thermal envelope design, and home automation. As the most experienced building scientists in the region, and with years of on-site work under our belts, we are more equipped than anyone else to ensure that the building’s plan is optimized for performance.

In addition to our Design Review service, we offer energy modeling and sophisticated load calculations that are designed to find the perfect mechanical equipment for each home. As opposed to outdated “rule-of-thumb” practices, our calculations will allow you to choose equipment that will heat and cool each room in the house effectively and efficiently, while keeping the humidity at optimal levels. Load calculations not only ensure that your client will be happy with the home’s comfort, they also often save you money by recommending equipment that is smaller (and more effective) than estimations would otherwise dictate.

We Are Your Friend.

Our design reviews and load calculations are just two examples of the many ways that E3 INNOVATE helps general contractors save time and money while increasing their customer satisfaction. As leaders in high-performance building, we are the friend you need to help get the job done right the first time.

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