A Dream Can Become a Nightmare.

You have just moved into your dream home—a custom-built masterpiece in the country that you have been dreaming of for years—when you notice several problems. There are rooms in the house that are always hot, no matter how low you set the thermostat. The house, as a whole, is humid. Moisture levels in the bathrooms are also high. So high, in fact, that the paint on the walls is bubbling and the ceiling is growing mold. Contacting your general contractor results in many months of invasive repairs and fixes, all of which improve, but don’t solve, the issues. In hindsight, you wonder if anything during the design phase could have avoided this disaster.

E3 is the Only Company Equipped to Keep Your Dream On Track.

As the region’s leading experts in high-performance home design, E3 INNOVATE works with homeowners during the design phase to ensure that common issues like the ones above do not occur. From our Project Planning service and load calculations to our pre- and post-drywall inspection services, we make sure that every step of the home-building process meets your needs.

During our design reviews, we work with homeowners, general contractors, and sub-contractors to ensure that the plans for the home include the correct mechanical systemsinsulation, thermal envelope design, and home automation. As the most experienced building scientists in the region, and with years of on-site work under our belts, we are more equipped than anyone else to ensure that the building’s plan is optimized for performance. During our design reviews, we take care to speak in plain terms, ensuring that homeowners feel comfortable in taking an active role in the process.

Our load calculations and energy modeling are designed to find the perfect mechanical equipment for your home. Instead of commonly used “rule-of-thumb” practices, our sophisticated calculations help you choose equipment that will effectively and efficiently heat and cool every room in the house, while managing humidity levels.

With our pre-and post-drywall inspections, we examine the implementation of your home’s thermal envelopes, to verify proper insulation installation, blocking, and sealing. This quality assurance measure ensures that your home is built to the demanding quality that you deserve.

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