Exceptional energy efficiency.

The Passive House Institute US, Inc. (PHIUS), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has developed North American passive building standards and practices to create buildings that are highly energy efficient, durable, and comfortable. Passive homes achieve excellent energy efficiency through the same basic methods that E3 INNOVATE utilizes on a daily basis.

Building-science principles.

PHIUS building standards for North America are based on the same building-science concepts that E3 uses to make homes more energy efficient and comfortable, such as continuous insulation, air sealing, high-performance windows and doors, and heat and moisture recovery ventilation. Additionally, a passive house should manage sunlight such that the home is heated naturally in the winter, while minimizing the sun’s effects in warmer seasons.

Path to Net Zero.

Homeowner’s looking to invest in an ultra-sustainable living space may be drawn to the “net zero” concept—a net zero home is one that uses renewable energy generated onsite to cover all of its energy needs. It is not practical for a home to generate its own energy if much of that energy will be lost through poorly insulated walls, leaky ductwork, and inefficient appliances. Therefore, it is important to create well-insulated and sealed spaces optimized for energy efficiency when looking into solar and geothermal technology. E3 provides high quality services built around the concept of a passive house to improve energy efficiency in your home.

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