5 Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Did you know that ceiling fans were the original air conditioning? Many Nashville, TN homes are equipped with ceiling fans to help circulate air. However, with advances in heating and cooling technology, ceiling fans tend to be viewed as “old school”. Many homeowners have forgotten what makes ceiling fans so useful all year round, even today. There are many reasons to consider replacing your dusty old ceiling fan. Here are the top five benefits of ceiling fans.

Circulate air & improve indoor air quality with ceiling fans

With a tightly-sealed, energy efficient home, air flow and indoor air quality become even more important. Keeping the indoor air in your home moving can aid your indoor air purification systems and improve airflow. Energy efficient ceiling fans can keep the air fresh inside by circulating air to reach your home’s air filtration and purification systems for refreshing. Another way to improve indoor air quality is to keep your ceiling fan blades clean. The best way to dust ceiling fan blades is to slip an old pillowcase over each blade and wipe clean.

Ceiling fans make rooms feel cooler (or warmer!)

Even though ceiling fans don’t actually lower the air temperature, they can make rooms feel cool in the summer when the breeze moves over your skin. To create a summer cooling effect, your fan should turn counter-clockwise.  In winter months, your home’s warm air tends to rise and collect near the ceiling—not where people are. The trick is, to change the ceiling fan direction to clockwise during the winter. 

How does it work? Many modern ceiling fans have a reverse direction feature that can pull warm air up toward the ceiling. This upward flow pushes warm air out toward the walls and creates a circulating flow to warm the room more efficiently. New ceiling fans like the Haiku are operated via remote controls, so there’s no fumbling to find the reverse switch when seasons change. As part of your whole home solution to energy efficiency, Haiku ceiling fans can play an important role and even integrate with your home’s smart technology!.

Ceiling fans save energy

Because ceiling fans can make rooms feel cooler to their occupants, you can set your AC temperature 4-5 degrees warmer. During the heating season, circulating fresh warm air down from the ceiling helps your heating system work less hard and your thermostat can be set lower.  Over time, that thermostat difference can knock as much as 10% off your home energy bill. 

Ceiling fans use less energy than heating and cooling equipment

For the best energy saving ceiling fan, look for Energy Star rated ceiling fans. These modern, quiet ceiling fans consume significantly less energy than operating traditional heating and cooling systems. On days where air conditioning is not needed, your ceiling fan can keep you cool and save energy. Winter time warm air is circulated more efficiently with ceiling fans. The efficiency experts at E3 INNOVATE recommend upgrading to sleek Haiku ceiling fans for quiet and efficient air circulation all year long.

Ceiling fans look great in any style decor

Traditional to contemporary, there’s a ceiling fan to fit your decor. If it’s time for a ceiling fan upgrade, our ventilation pros at E3 INNOVATE can help identify the right to suit your style and budget.

Do my dusty ceiling fans need to be replaced?

Now that you have the skinny on the benefits of ceiling fans, take a look at your home’s ceiling fans. Like any appliance operated with electric motors, ceiling fans have a limited lifespan—around 10 years depending on use and manufacturer. Some signs your ceiling fans may need an upgrade include:

  • Buzzing sounds when running may indicate poor capacitors or deteriorated parts

  • Wobbling that limits the operating speed

  • Squeaks or other odd sounds, even after maintenance

  • Unable to power up to desired speeds

  • Continued problems even after service

Upgrade your ceiling fan and enjoy all the benefits of lower energy use and stylish new decor! If you’re considering a room makeover or replacing your home ceiling fans, our indoor air quality experts at E3 INNOVATE can help you select the appropriately sized ceiling fan.

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