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The air in a commercial or residential space can profoundly affect your health, both on a day-to-day level and in the long term. It is very important to monitor and restrict pollutants within the building to ensure a healthy living environment, even if negative health symptoms have yet to be observed. E3 INNOVATE’s role is to find creative solutions to prevent any outside air pollution from entering the building and to mitigate any existing pollutants, such as radon.

Pollutants, Moisture, Allergens, and Air Infiltration

The quality of the air you breathe is important to you, and it is our priority to provide our customers with the best living experience possible. As outside air infiltrates through the building envelope inside, the moisture content can lead to mold or just humid, uncomfortable air. In middle Tennessee, radon gas can create long term health problems, such as cancer or respiratory illnesses, by leaking through unsealed crawlspaces or through poor ventilation practices. Furthermore, the delightful biodiversity of the region creates a lot of different types of pollen that can inflame allergies when they infiltrate the building space, which can add to preexisting conditions like asthma.

Eliminating contamination, one source at a time.

There are thousands of possible sources for indoor air pollutants, which can make the process of eliminating pollutant sources particularly difficult. Here at E3, we take a holistic approach to the problem. Our consultants will create a plan for your home or project that could include any number of our services based on what you need: dehumidification, radon ventilation, air sealing, and more. These personalized solutions are better at finding and eliminating pollution sources than quick fixes that may never even address the problem. Here at E3, our experts can solve your indoor air quality problems and improve your wellbeing.

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