Can Rot & Mildew in My Home Be Eliminated?

It’s been a long, hot summer here in Nashville, and if you’re like most of us, you’re probably ready for a break from the summer humidity. Fall temperatures are sure to make things more pleasant outdoors, but is the inside of your home going to be dry and comfortable this fall?

Many houses in the area have indoor moisture issues year-round, especially in that musty crawlspace or basement. Rot, mold, and mildew are especially common and have many homeowners assuming that there’s nothing they can do to get rid of that musty smell. But what if we told you there is a way to keep your home free of rot, mildew, and excess moisture year-round?

It’s All About Moisture Control

Excess moisture isn’t just a comfort issue; it can actually raise health concerns and undermine the structural integrity of your home. Mold and mildew multiply when relative humidity is consistently high indoors. This contaminates the air you breathe and exacerbates allergy symptoms. Excess moisture also leads to structural issues like rotting wood, crumbling drywall, and peeling paint.

If you want to prevent indoor air quality (IAQ) issues and structural damage to your home, you need to control indoor moisture. According to the EPA, indoor humidity levels should stay between 30% and 60%.

How to Keep Rot & Mildew Out of Your Home

Preventing indoor moisture issues is a multi-step process involving crawlspace encapsulation, ventilation, and dehumidification.

Crawlspace encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation keeps out moisture in the key area that lets excess moisture enter in the first place — the crawlspace. We begin the encapsulation process by treating existing mold (also known as mold remediation) with a solution that kills mold spores and prevents future mold growth. Then, we install a thick and durable vapor barrier with high performance spray foam insulation. These two materials prevent moisture intrusion and turn the crawlspace into a conditioned space.


Keeping your home well sealed and insulated will keep excess moisture from entering in the first place, but without proper ventilation the moisture from high humidity areas like the bathroom and kitchen will have nowhere to go. We install automated bathroom fans and whole-home vent systems (also known as energy recovery ventilators, or ERVs) to provide your home with a continuous supply of fresh outside air.


For houses that see especially high indoor humidity, a whole-home dehumidifier works with your cooling system to bring humidity down to a comfortable level. Your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to regulate moisture levels, saving you money on your utility bills.

Control Moisture for Good with E3 INNOVATE

Of course, every home is unique, and eliminating moisture problems completely requires taking a tailored approach. The experts at E3 INNOVATE understand how to diagnose mildew, rot, and other moisture issues in Nashville area homes. We’ll design a tailored solution for your home to keep it dry and comfortable all year long.

Find out what your home needs for better moisture control. Contact us or call 615-876-5479 today to schedule a consultation!