Get Your Home a Good Pair of Rainboots.

When it starts to rain here in Nashville, you wouldn’t put up with rain boots that didn’t keep your feet warm and dry, would you? If your boots had holes in them, you’d make sure they were fixed before the next rainstorm.

There may not be many other things that your rain boots and your home’s crawlspace have in common, but this concept is definitely one of them. With all the humidity that Nashville sees each summer, and the 119 days of rainfall over the course of the year, your home needs a proper set of rain boots to keep the house dry. And here at E3 INNOVATE, we call a crawlspace encapsulation the “rainboots” of a house.

What Can Crawlspace Encapsulation Do For Your Home?

If you avoid your crawlspace at all costs, you’re not alone. It’s dark, creepy, has a musty smell, and most homeowners don’t want to think about it. But when you look at the whole home as a system, your crawlspace plays a vital role to the comfort and overall health of your home.

Encapsulating your crawlspace is the process of sealing off the space under your home from outside humidity, temperatures, and even any dangerous gases (like radon) which can infiltrate your home from the soil underneath your foundation. This requires installing a vapor barrier along the ground and spray foam insulation along the sidewalls to prevent any unnecessary moisture infiltration. Moisture in your crawlspace leads to mold growth, which is a headache to get rid of and puts the structure of your home and your indoor air quality at risk.

Full crawlspace encapsulation also keeps the space under your home semi-conditioned. It may seem like a small benefit, but if your crawlspace is warm, so are your floors. No more cold floors in the winter time! Crawlspace encapsulation is the waterproof and thermally insulated pair of rain boots your home needs to stay warm and dry (because no one likes cold feet!).

A Foundation of Home Health

A common mistake for homeowners looking to make energy efficient upgrades to their home is neglecting to think of their whole house as a system. Sure, you could upgrade your heating and cooling equipment to more energy efficient models, but if your home is leaking the air that your HVAC equipment is working so hard to condition, you are still wasting all that energy in a faulty home.

This whole home approach sets a foundation for better home performance all year round. When you ensure that your home has the proper “boots” for all seasons, you can enjoy these benefits 12 months a year:

  • No more cold floors in the winter

  • Reduced risk of mold growth

  • Increased control of your home comfort

  • A drop in your monthly energy bills

  • Greater life expectancy of your furnace & air conditioner

Scared to Brave your Crawlspace? E3 INNOVATE Isn’t!

If you’ve neglected your crawlspace, leaving your home out in the rain without its boots, it’s time to call Nashville’s premier team of home performance experts. We have carefully fine-tuned our crawlspace encapsulation process to fit the particular needs of Tennessee homes and what they have to endure in each season.

Don’t leave your home out in the cold without “rain boots” this winter. Experience the benefits of encapsulating your crawlspace with E3 INNOVATE! Call us at (615) 876-5479 or contact us today.