Renovating a Home in Nashville? Trust E3 INNOVATE

From Sylvan Park and Green Hills over to Opryland and beyond, the Nashville area is home to thousands of beautiful houses — many of which have been around for decades. While there’s nothing quite like owning a home in Nashville, homeownership does come with its own responsibilities — like making important renovations.

Whether you think your insulation may be outdated, you want to renovate the attic or basement, or you need to gut a historic home, it’s important to work with a home renovation expert who will get the job done right the first time. E3 INNOVATE takes an integrated, whole-house approach to renovating homes in the Nashville area — helping homeowners add value to their homes, improve their indoor comfort, and lower their energy costs.

A Renovation Can Add Value to Your Home

Many homeowners here in Nashville underestimate the impact that a home renovation can make. But let’s take a look at how three different types of renovations can add value to your home, among other perks.

Insulation renovations

Insulation has a natural tendency to settle and become less effective over time; so if you haven’t thought about your home’s insulation in a while, chances are it’s time for an upgrade. The most important areas in the home to insulate are the attic, exterior walls, and basement or crawlspace. When done right, insulating these areas offers benefits like more stable indoor temperatures, less need to run your HVAC system, and reduced energy costs.

According to ENERGY STAR, air sealing and insulating your home as needed can reduce your energy bills by up to 10%!

Attic renovations

Many homes in the Nashville area have AC ductwork running through the attic. With attic temperatures often well above 100°F in the summer, this can really force your air conditioner to work overtime. When you have your attic insulated with spray foam, you can lighten the load on your air conditioning equipment and make temperatures in the rooms below the attic much more stable.

Moreover, insulating the attic with spray foam brings the attic into the conditioned area of your house — so you can finally have that extra game room, play area, or storage space.

Basement renovations

Even if you rarely think about your basement or crawlspace, chances are that it has a major impact on the rest of your home. Mold and musty air from the crawlspace, for example, often make their way up into living spaces via tiny air leaks. Sealing your crawlspace and installing a vapor barrier gives you control over any moisture issues, which will prevent rotting wood framing, keep pests out, and more — helping you protect your home investment and breathe healthier air indoors.

E3 INNOVATE: Renovation Services to Fit Your Needs

Do you own a historic home in Nashville that is in need of some updating, or are you looking for ways to boost indoor comfort and lower energy costs? Whether you have a small project planned for your home, or you’re looking to tackle a larger renovation, E3 INNOVATE has you covered. As whole-home experts, we understand how to help you improve your home in a way that delivers greater indoor comfort, lower energy bills, and value you can feel, for years to come. We offer a wide range of services — from insulation and crawlspace services, to HVAC upgrades and green certification testing — to help you meet your home goals.

Planning a home renovation project? Get in touch with Nashville’s trusted home experts. Contact us to schedule a consultation!