6 Steps for Managing Indoor Humidity and Improving Comfort

That swampy, sticky, humidity is here to stay... Well, for the summer at least. Are you staying comfortable in your home? Here are six steps to reduce your indoor humidity and stay comfortable in your home.

1. Air seal your home. When you have air gaps in your home (around windows, doors, or any floor or ceiling penetrations, for example), hot humid outdoor air infiltrates into the living space, adding extra load to your HVAC system and making you uncomfortable. 

2. Air seal your duct work. Leaky return duct work will require your AC to work harder, while leaky supply ducts will make it feel as if your AC isn't providing enough cool air. Sealing both the return and supply ducts can save energy and keep you cool.

3. Seal your crawlspace. A vented crawlspace introduces all sorts of indoor humidity issues, not to mention mold and insect problems and stinky crawlspace odors too. In the winter, vented crawlspaces lead to cold floors and, in many cases, high radon levels. A sealed crawlspace will help reserve and protect your home from the foundation up.

4. When replacing an HVAC system, be sure to calculate your required cooling load.This will ensure your new system is the right size and will provide the dehumidification you need to stay cool and comfortable. Over-sized systems cannot dehumidify the air effectively and will leave you feeling sticky. 

5. Install a whole-home dehumidifier. Ventilating dehumidifiers can help improve your indoor comfort as well as air quality.  They are designed to provide dedicated moisture control, fresh air mechanical ventilation, and superior air filtration to the entire home or areas of the home. For more information on air filters, read this month's blog.

6. Perform seasonal maintenance on your mechanical systems to ensure proper operation. Sign up for E3 Home Shield and leave the maintenance work to us! Our maintenance plans take care of your whole home and include bi-annual inspections and time-of-need service calls. 

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Managing humidity in your home is important for maintaining comfort.